Nurse to Doctor Advice?


I have a young chap who is currently a nurse, who I believe has what it takes to be a Doctor, sadly he is not quite so convinced. He is a top notch nurse and also a good soldier, but alas he is also stuck in a bit of rut. He has the capabilty to commission, and from what he tells me was intending to do so in a year or so.

The problem lies in the fact that this chap is quite rigtly being realsitic, he has a house, a mortage and a wife and would not be able to just hand in is notice and then spend 4 years at med school. Even with Army sponsorship he would not be able to financally meet the costs of his mortage, and the cost of living for 4 years.

I am aware that as Officers we are entitlited to a years unpaid sabaticle, I'm just wondering if this is true for OR's. On top of this, I am wondering would he lose his old pension and would his break in service result in recommencing on the new pension scheme? He's served about 10 years now, so obviously pension rights are an issue for him.

Its such a shame as I know this chap, and have worked with him, he'd make a bloody good Doctor, and would be a fine additional to the RAMC. I'm half tempted to contact the ruecruiting team on his behalf but there is an issue of potentially making waves for this chap if does decide to remain a nurse in QARANC.

The advice I am primarily after is as follows. If he were to become a doctor would he have to leave the Army or could he just go onto an unpaid sebaticle until he had completed Foundation Year 1 and then apply for sponsorship?

Secondly as this guy is already a qualified nurse, and on a fairly substantial wage would he go back onto his old pay rate when he did commence his sponsorship? Also Would his pension rights still stand on the olf AFP 75 or would he have to transfer to the new scheme and lose out on his 10 years service and go onto in my humble opinion a far worse and less generous pension scheme?

I know it a lot to ask but I'm sure that someone out there may have some worldy advice for me so I can pass it onto him, this guy is more than deserving of any help we can give him, and i think he'd be a great doctor. Any advice i can give him might be able to convince him to make the jump to med school! Thanks for your help Ladies and Gents

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