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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by al23, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. Hello folks,
    I have posted this in the joining TA forum as well but thought I could drop it in here too

    I am a nurse practitioner and am in early phase of applying for TA I have been advised to go officer training route and recruit to national unit,what do you guys think is this a sensible sounding idea?? :?

    I have been trying to get the basic fitness standards for TA admission,I need to work more on my fitness and have been recently but need to know what to aim for hope you can help :)
  2. Not sure about Local or National unit but as for fitness Selection will consist of doing 1.5 mile run in approx under 14 minutes as well as best effort for sit-ups and press-ups in 2 minutes.

    I suppose as Corps you will then go on to do 6 RT Weekends (whereas Infantry do 9) and by end you will have to get your run time down to at least 11-12 minutes.

    Think thats about it. Good luck...
  3. To be honest passing the medical is the hardest part ! After you have done the above you will then start your officer training and yet more weekends and weeks away at Sandhurst ,and some time in the next year or so you will have qualified.

    All depends on your level of commitment ? how much time can you afford ?

    National is the way forward if time off is a problem 19day min commitment.

    Local will require more commitment 38days min IIRC
  4. Thanks for the info folks
    did the running at the gym yesterday and thoughyt I may die but ,thats why i go to build up my ability,
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Take your time, there is no great rush. Are you looking to join a medical unit and replicate what you already do in your day job, or are you looking for something different to do on the weekends?

    Fitness levels here:

  6. hoping to do something a little different to my usual primary/unscheduled care job,
    used to work AE and sort of miss the whole jump to attitude, but willing to do most roles

    had a look at the TA medical standards and think may take some time to reach them, building up to the distance and time required ,but not wanting to rush and injure myself
  7. TA Regs 4.016c may have bearing on this, not sure how the AMS looks upon Nurse Practioners. Docs and dentists can only be medics, nurses aren't mentioned not sure if being an NP makes a difference?