Nurse Lemon BMH Hannover 1954-55


This is from the QARANC Association facebook page:

Mr Merlin Young has written to the Association requesting help in trying to locate a QA nurse called Nurse Lemon. If anyone can shed some light on who this nurse was please contact the Association via Facebook or RHQ.

Mr Merlin Young writes:

I really hope you might be able to help. I was born in 1955 in BMH Hannover (Hanover) in what was then West Germany. My life was saved by an emergency blood transfusion, with the blood donated on the spot by a QA nurse.

A few years ago I tried to identify and contact her with a view to perhaps tying up a loose end in the lives of us both. It would be a truly wonderful thing to say 'thank you!" for the life that her action allowed me. I'm guessing that if she's still with us she will be quite elderly and it may already be too late. At the time of my earlier search I failed, but one of your colleagues has advised me to contact you association in the hope that my little search might be put out amongst your members' forum.. you never know! Stranger things have happened.

All I know is that my family referred to her as 'Nurse Lemon' - whether she was a nurse or a sister I have no idea - and she must have been stationed at BMH Hannover in 1954-5.

Any help in trying to locate this nurse would be greatly appreciated.

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