Nurse...Join as a Soldier or Officer?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by hollykimalan, Sep 16, 2005.

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  1. I am a staff nurse and have a decision to make.
    Do I join the Army as a soldier nurse or wait till I have another years post reg experience and join as an officer?
    I don’t work in an acute area and fancy the army may be able to give me a better experience than civi street.
    Any honest opinions out there?
    I don’t want to hear any QA baiting pish!
  2. At the end of the day its your decision. I am an O/R nurse- so if you have any questions just ask.

  3. How long have you been qualified?

    If you have been qualified for two years or more, only then can you commission.

    Otherwise if your straight out of training then its OR for you. Which isnt such a bad place to be start . Apply for a commission when you have a little savy of how things work if thats what you want.

    Hope your good at making sand castles cause guess where your will end up.
  4. If you have more than a couple of years under your belt and feel you have some leadership qualities and wish to go in as a junior charge nurse/sister then the officer route is for you. You will have to pass a selection board but the route to Captain is pretty clear and the pay is much better than that of a Corporal. It, of course, means that there will be the requirement to fly a desk sooner rather than later and you may find your patient contact time diminishing. If that's not for you try direct entry as a soldier (term loosely applied). You should breeze straight to Corporal on successful completion of basic training and work as a staff nurse in an MDHU. You may not get to work in the area that you like though. Any questions, PM me.
  5. Having spent 13 years serving, a soldier for 9 years before commissioning, my only regret is not doing it sooner. The b*llsh1t that I had to put up with as an OR disappeared completely when I commissioned. Wait the 2 years and become an officer. Its much more fun to be treated as a grownup!
  6. Sound words and very right - wait......... for the 2 years and take a commission, however - you will be on an op tour every 6 months Iraq then Afgahnistan - back to iraq........ back to ..............
  7. I think I might as well wait one more year! I already have both the diploma and the degree in nursing and think it might be a shame not to 'use' it to get a commission...perhaps I am too old to be beasted by NCO's all day too!
  8. This term is used very loosely
  9. Spent 10 years in as a grunt, moved to Canada on discharge, took the BSc (nurs) and discovered the Canadian Mil. does not have "Nurse Soldiers", all are "Hosifers", suites me just fine! Fast track promotion!

  10. I imagin so does the taxs, Income 16%, Capital Gains 8%, Canadian Dividends 3% which all increase the more you earn.

    My brother in law is a coastguard out their after 15 yrs Navy, hes had to take a second job to make ends meet, claims if he could afford it he would come straight home.
  11. I was back in UK a short while ago, I am wondering how on earth you afford to live. Nursing wages are a pittance (applied to a few ads in the local nursing rags out of curiosity, seems the UK is now trying to recruit Canadian nurses), the cost of living, houses, and everything else is incredible! Tax may be high here (no income tax or sales tax (GST) here in Alberta), but nursing wages in Alberta are excellent, not unusual for a nurse to break the $120,000 (approx. 57,000 GBP), the cost of housing not even close to the UK, and any cash made from the reserves is just beer and tabs money!

    Seriously, I think nurses in the UK are getting a real scr*wing, without the use of any water based lubricant!
  12. Please inform Dear Tony of your observations as he doesnt listen to us.
  13. I would love to go back to the UK one of these days! (miss the beer, it is crap over here....the beer!), but holy s**t batman, you are all getting it! Any registered nurse would be wise to consider relocating here! God bless the AARN and the UNA!
  14. They don't pay nurses a decent wage out here either but that is a side issue.

    Wait and go for officer it is much better in the long run than being messed about more as a O/R. You will get messed about no matter what you choose as it's a bit like a sport for politicians so you might as well go for officer if you can.

    A_D - don't tempt me any further by telling me things like that. I have been eyeing off Canada for years as a good nursing bolthole compared to anywhere else.
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