Nurse - get the sick bucket please

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OldRedCap, Jan 3, 2005.

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  1. The first mistake is, the messages should be to the British people, not to the Prime minister personally (some actually are to the British people)

    This is the link that should maybe have your stomach churning
  2. Honour, Id rather slit my own throat.

  3. More chance platting fog!!
  4. STOP!

    That has to be a wind up? Honour him? FCUK OFF!
  5. Wouldn't sign that even if they wrapped me in barbed wire and set fire to my toes!!!!!! Sounds fun "Honey get the light fuel out I want to try something" :twisted:
  6. ridiculous
  7. Give him a break for christ's sake!

    If the spams want to go all gooey and ridiculous over our PM then let them do whatever makes their sadly inadequate country happy. As far as I'm concerned Blair's only fault has been to follow bad intel, who in the forces an say they haven't been affected by this at some point or another? even though the advice he recieved was wrong, Blair cared enough to endanger his people and his nation in a worthwhile cause. So don't blame the Pm, blame those who advised and fed the information to him in the early stages - say waht you will, Saddam needed removing, he was making the western world jump at his every shadowy movement, which is intolerable.

    (I am well aware I'll probably be unmercifully slagged off about this post, but I don't care, I'll stand for what I believe.)
  8. Sick bagaggaaagggagghhhhh.

  9. When you grow up you will discover that Our Dear Leader only needs advice to justify his own vision "I only know what I believe" as he repeatedly stated at the Partei conference.Facts do not matter to him .Like Adolf in the bunker,he maintains his vision at all costs taking no account of reality.I'm sorry to have to break it to you but Santa Claus does not exist!
  10. You can polish a turd, but at the end of the day it's still a turd!
  11. NOT slagging off copterman, and yes I have noticed this is the NAAFI thread! We've been over this ground before, but:

    "Blair's only fault has been to follow bad intel"; "blame those who advised"

    Isnt the charge against Mr Blair unfortunately more serious than that?

    Accept that the defence/intel community had been reporting on Iraqi WMD capabilities for years, but did they REALLY advise him that Iraq presented an imminent threat to UK national interests, against which the only defence was to join in a pre-emptive attack by the United States?

    Despite later saying that he never knew the "45 minutes" claim (which he himself released to the public) related only to battlefield weapons, the PM promised us in the same document that "I and other Ministers have been briefed in detail...) If his advisers really did not offer him that information, I cannot imagine a previous Labour or Conservative PM failing to ask the glaringly-obvious question.

    Fact is, whether you support Mr B or not, the reason for his actions was the understandable strategic policy decision to support our major allies. The Tory leadership took the same view as he did at the time, but they didnt have access to the same information.

    If the PM took the correct decision, he gets the credit. If it wasn't the correct decision, the blame rests with him. IMO his "advisers" (defence, intel, legal) all produced what they were expected to produce.

    Incidentally, we will presumably never know but I wonder what information he gave to the Sovereign at the time?
  12. Hackle wrote
    Whilst it was basically a lot of crap researched to get a certain answer favourable to the hierachy, the Hutton report shows what pressure was brought to bear to ensure that Bliar + Campbell's wishes were reflected in these recommendations.
  13. What a load of sh*te.