Nurse contractor in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Cheeky Badgers, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. My wife is a nurse who is interested in going out to Afghanistan as a civilian contractor. If successful she would be working at Camp Bastion.

    Compared to what a lot of you do in Afghanistan I appreciate that Bastion will be safe, but just how safe is it? I guess what I'm asking is are the wages high because she will have to live in a shithole for months? Or are they high because people are likely to be having a pop at her with mortars? I appreciate that nothing in life is without risk, but I would like to have a clear idea of how great the risk is before giving her my blessing.
  2. Is she fit?

    Do you have any photos of her?
  3. What`s stopping you going with her so you can protect her? Then you can poke your blessing etc
  4. Bastions nice compared to Swindon. I guess the biggest hazard are the 30000 oiled up US marines...
  5. I'm not a nurse mate, otherwise I would be up for it. I don't suppose you have much call for travel agents out there?
  6. The risk should be relatively low, but it is very hot and very dusty. Unless things have changed, there have been no sucessful IDFs into BSN. Food hygiene is maintained to a high standard, water is plentiful and the speed limit on the roads keep vehicles in 1st or 2nd gear. Most people spend time each day in the gym and the absence of alcohol means there is no aggro. I would offer a few caveats. Working in the hospital is likely to be fairly traumatic with the constant traffic of dead and maimed, she may be effected by that. Secondly, it is warzone, with hundreds of movements of fixed wing and helos every day and scope for the normal military ****-ups. Lastly, the other side do not want us there, and can be very resourceful.

    Perhaps you should do a cost/benefits analysis of the effects to both her life and your relationship. It is pretty safe, but it is still Afghanistan.
  7. This is the funniest thing I've read on here today!

    If she goes, I hope she's safe. Good luck!
  8. She'll be safe from any enemy activity. She'll be an utter mess from dealing with more amputations and GSWs in a month than she would experience in her entire civvy career.
  9. I think a few of the frontier medical civvy nurses based at the Cob Basra were less than enamoured by the experience of treating idf injuries and being IDF'd. once they made the link, the breeze block sleeping coffin arrangements weren't really cutting it...
  10. Thanks for the considered responses guys, much appreciated. They have turned up a couple of questions for me though:

    A couple of people (I have had private messages too) have said there haven't been any successful IDF attacks on Bastion. Firstly I am working on the assumption that IDFs are some kind of mortars or rockets? The Gimp mentioned that civvy nurses he has met don't like getting them fired at them (who would.) My main question is when other people have said there have been no successful attacks does that mean that they are lobbing them into the base but haven't hit anyone yet? Or that they haven't managed to get any into the base?

    I've also had a couple of suggestions that I either go out with her or visit her. I treated the first one like a joke, but is this right? My assumption would be that you don't let random civvies turn up in Afghanistan for a visit. I would also assume that anyone going out there to work as a civvy contractor would need some fairly sought after, valuable skill?

    I also appreciate what has been said about the potential psychological trauma of what she will see working in this environment. I think her motivations and the way she has approached this may help, but it is certainly something for us to talk about. To be honest she has been bending my ear about a desire to go and help / do her bit for a while, so I suspect she is well aware of what she will see when she gets there. Her motivation wasn't just to go out and make as much cash as possible, we only found out what the wages were like when I said I was happy to let her look into it. No matter how good the money is though, I really wouldn't let my Mrs put herself in harms way for cash. I am only considering this because I don't want to stand in the way of something she really wants to do.
  11. if your name is Colin and you wear triple-trifocals, a polyester suit with a tank top and work in accounts or IT you should be mre worried about your missus getting scuttled senseless for 6 months - far more of a risk than IDF or trauma - even the dullest squaddy is more interesting than most civvies.

    On a brighter note a lass that i was at uni with has applied to deploy as a med contractor this autumn - from what i remember she was an absolute wretch & deviant so your missus will be in good company.

    Good luck with the deployment, hope this has helped.

  12. Have we met Danny? If not it's remarkable that you have summed me up so accurately.

    I suppose I will just have to take my chances that she will be dropping her knickers every time one of you steely eyed dealers of death tips her the wink. I'd appreciate if you could avoid giving her the clap though.
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  13. I can only imagine that this must be like the World Cup final, or the Oscars, for Medical staff. What better way to use every single aspect of thier profession in such a small space of time. I suppose its like when medical staff used to go to inner city hospitals in the US to gain experience in GSW treatment, as gang related injuries went on the increase in UK. Obviously Afghanistan is on a massive scale.
    On the plus side it'll put your missus at the top of her league professionally, down side could make her mentally scared for life. Big decision
  14. I think that sounds like a fair assessment of it Papa. Presumably the medical people in Afghanistan are working at the absolute peak of their professions.
  15. You sound like the sort of geezer who knows who's the boss.