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After trawling through many a post to make sure Im not asking a question that has already been asked here goes...

I have been looking at the nursing cadetship, I'm currently 1/3 of my way through a post graduate diploma in adult nursing- I already have a degree and previous clinical experience whichhas allowed me to do the PgDip instead of another degree or UgDip- I will still graduate at same level (RN) but my modules are masters credits. Does anyone know whether this course may be accepted on the cadetship? I understand that it is highly competitive having only 10 places per year; that said what are they looking for in a candidate? I have no previous cadet experience or any other experience that gives me any military standing whatsoever, would this be a huge hindrance? (I am not currently part of the UOCT but am aware that it is a condition of the cadetship)

I am also worried about the AOSB, what does it entail, particularly the fitness side- I have heard about the 1.5 mile run but what are the other parameters?

Any guidance/advice/clarity would be most appreciated!!

Wow it's so good to hear that someone else is also worried about the fitness part! I'm also training for a BscHons in Adult Nursing and want to become a nursing officer in the QARANC. I go for my acquaint in Camberley on the 19th and 20th of May and am also confused as to what the expectations are in terms of fitness. I originally thought that it was a 2min sit-up test in which 50 is the minimum, 21 press-ups (not girly ones unfortunately) and 1.5mile run in under 12 or 13minutes. I've been training based on these requirements but have recently received an email saying that now for officer candidates the multi-stage fitness test in utilised, which is otherwise known as the bleep test. You can download the audio file required for this from the internet.
I am also not a member of a UOTC as my university doesn't offer this opportunity and the nearest one is too far away! Hope this may be of some vague help, here's hoping someone else replies and shed's even more light for us!
Hi there,

Just wanted to know a little more about the acquaintance visit once you've been? Im in the same boat as PGNURSE14, My uni doesn't offer the UOTC, and when speaking to a current Army officer Nurse, she said to concentrate on my studies rather than trying to do TA work ect, just want to up my chances as much as possible. Any more info would be really appreciated.
I'm another one! I'm just doing my finals and will be moving on to degree number two in nursing in september with a view of becoming a nursing officer. I'm currently in the OTC at my university and it has been a massive help and has just given me an idea of what goes on. I've got a grounding in military knowledge and just basic training and have really enjoye it as well, so although it doesn't sound like you have access I'd really recommend it. One of my OTC friends travels for an hour in the car just to get to training and although he isn't there as much as everyone else, he stills reeps the benefits, plus you get paid for any extra travel costs.

So yeah I have similar queriesto you all really. The more I look into it the more there seems to be to get my head around! I really want to apply for a bursary but it doesn't look like I can due to the fact I will already be getting one from the NHS and Welsh govt. However, if I on't get a bursary then I'll have to do two years in the NHS before even considering Sandhurst according to the army website! I'll be aged prune by then...Does anyone know if this is really the case or have I missed something?

Also "Ashton" you mentioned a fam visit to Camberley. Is there more than one place to go for medically skilled potential officers?

The run has been exchanged with a bleep test (MSFT test) now. I'm not sure what level the girls have to get but it's less than the boys bless 'em. But I very little of the AOSB etc and if we do the same one as other potential officers even though we do the shorter Sandhurst course.

It would be nice if someone found this thread who knew all our answers instead of more people like me!
Hi there,

Will get in touch with my local( good 60 miles away) UOTC, Have a fairly good idea of the role of an army officer, but not so much a Nursing officer. I do know however that all officers regards to there regiment go to Sandhurst Academy, the basic officer training is 12 weeks for medical staff, hope that helps a bit.

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