nurse at ADSC may have screwed up my eyetest..advice?

hi all,

i was originally going for the infantry, but changed to sparky in the RE at my interview. now, the eyesight (from PULHEEMS) for inf is
right corrected 3, left corrected 6 (6/12, 6/32 i think)

now the nurse recorded my eyesight at ADSC as 2 (6/9) but the optician just said i was borderline 3 or 4 (6/12 or 6/18 ).

because RE job involves driving i need to meet the minimum eysight which is 3 (6/12) in both eyes corrected.

basicly, im not too keen on wearing glasses or contacts if i dont have to. i spoke to the optician, and he said that because my other eye is better then average, i dont really need glasses as i see 100% without any correction, and still retain depth perception and such.

basicly, he said that its possible i could only have to wear glasses for driving. if my eyesights good enough to serve in the infantry without glasses, what would you currently serving say my chances are of only having to wear them when driving?

for me money is quite tight, and so dont want to go get some glasses/contacts to get there and them tell me i dont need glasses unless i am driving, and thats way down the line after my phase 1 and combat eng.

cheers in advance,
Get the glasses mate. Better to have a pair, than keep getting bollocked for not saluting officers because you didn't see him/her.
Get them, and pass them off as driving glasses/ shooting specs when you're in; i'm sure they wouldn't recieve a brief over when you need 'em, and who knows best?

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