i'm bout to goto newcastle uni (if i get the grades ???) and i want to join the otc there. Is it one of the best/worst and what are the wings like there?

Anyone who is a member or has been hav u any stories/warnings/advice for me!

p.s sorry 2 disapoint you lot im not a fit lady! (not even a lady at all come to think of it)
Sorry to Hijack your thread, but if anyone has any knowledge about UWOTC I'd appreciate any info...going to a certain Welsh uni in Sept '04 after my gap year...


Either you go to LUOTC or you are a waste of MTDs  ;D
Hear hear Woopert, (said using a masonic handshake)


NUOTC, They are the OTC that get involved with no outside events, and try to pretend that they are all Cav officers.
LUOTC is and has always been LEEDS. Quite a bit closer than ULOTC. A very good unit.
Forget all these English UOTCs.  All very well if you want to learn how to drink Pims at a Garden Party, but if you want to do some real soldiering, come to Queens!  8)
Queens are the only true warriors when it comes to the bit.  And its only a short flight from Newcastle.
Tell you what, lets skip the whole otc stage, go straight to a proper TA unit (ill even let you go somewhere other than INF) then you can go to OTC'S to do their pre sandhurst course, that way getting the best of both worlds!    

Am i sounding like an army brat who hated his time in the OTC because of the flids there?

No, that would be my advice too.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing...

Consider this I could have been out doing the 16AA thing out in the desert this year if I'd joined a TA unit 7 years ago instead of an OTC.

Well at least I have the memories of all the happy times at QUOTC...oh no's all a drunken blur.

At least there's the rumours of what happened.

If you want to make a career in TA join a unit other than an OTC.
Fair enough, spend 3 years or so pissing your money away in the ocdts mess of wherever.

Nothing you'll learn in OTC will prepare you for regular Sandbags cause they break you down and start from scratch. Even though I haven't done it I know you're better going into Sandbags completely blind than spending 3 years in an OTC learning stuff that you'll have to forget anyway.

Just like a normal job after doing 3 years at uni ;)
i dont really see the OTC as a way to prepare me for sandhurst but as somwhere to hav a good laugh at uni and to keep me interested in the army between leaving the cadets and joining the army. Thanks for all the advice tho quite a few ppl hav said i should goto a normal TA unit but I still like the idea of the UOTC.
It all does depend on what you are looking for.  My advice would be to go to an OTC where you will be around people of the same interests and situation as yourself.  You will more than likely have a brilliant time wherever you go as long as you through yourself into things (but don't make it your life!).  
One thing you musn't expect out of OTC is any real military professionalism that you would epect in any regular or TA unit.  The OTC isn't there for a war role, its there to prepare people to become future officers ie leaders, and it uses a number of ways to achieve this, some of it military, some adventure training and sport and alot of social!  
Those expecting something similar to P-Company will be dissapointed.  
If your going regular enjoy your time at uni and OTC.  Everything gets re-taught at Sandhurst anyway. Good Luck!
Hookie, if you are going for a commission in the regular army after university I'd recommend you join the OTC.  It will be a lot more fun and you might as well enjoy yourself while you are at uni - life for a newly commisioned young officer in the army is much more serious than it used to be, so have some fun while you can.  

OTC training will give you some useful grounding for Sandhurst whatever GwarWin says  ;), particularly the Estimate process you will learn during MTQ2.  Sandhurst is about leadership training and so is the OTC.  If you join a Type A  TA unit you will be trained as a private soldier first and as a leader maybe not at all.  

Different OTCs put a different ammount of emphasis on military training, so if you find you really can't hack the one you join because its standards are too poor then transfer to a Type A unit.  Your first year OTC training (MTQ 1) counts as Phase 1 recruit training, and if you have done MTQ 2 (second year) you will have completed Phase 2 TA Potential Officer training.  So the OTC will not have been a waste of time.

None of which answers your original question about Newcastle UOTC - which I can't answer as I've never heard of them!  ;D
Yeha just think....if you get really stucked into the whole OTC thing you could get a 2:2 degree.

Isn't that right greenhackle? Don't we both know.

Even endorsed by the Duke of York to one of my fellow ocdts at the 50th TA anniversary parade,


"How are you?"

"Fine, Sir"

"What are you reading at university?"

"I've finished, sir. I read Geography"

"Ah...what classification did you get?"

"A 2:2, sir"

"Ah a wasters degree. Too much beer and women, eh? Carry on!" I didn't fall over from trying to stifle laughing I don't know.
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