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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by stu.l, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. I passed my N & L tests today got level 3 on both (which is a pass for Harrogate where i want to go) but ive got my BARB test next week and was just wandering, how much harder then the N & L is the BARB?

    Thanks in advance
  2. BARB is just about keeping a cool head - Nothing hard.

    100% Worthwhile tip: Do it AS FAST AS you can.

    Faster and accurate - you'll get good :)

    I recommend you look at the revision booklt just to understand the questions.
  3. I've had a look at the BARB revision and it looks ok, its just the them bluddy F's i can't get the hang of.
  4. Stu, how hard was the numeracy test? I'm really bad at math , im predicted a E in GCSE! What was the question's like?
  5. It's questions like adding up and then taking it away from a total e.g. 50p £1.50 and 75p and then you have to see how much change you would have from a £5, Reading off graphs and 1 question is "Which clock says the time quarter past 2?", and thats halfway through the paper!. It doesn't matter how long you take it's not timed, so just take your time and also you have a calculator aswell. I found the literacy alot harder and i'm predicted a C in both
    Good luck mate
  6. Lol. by the sounds i'll get ace pass.

    Was my hardest too, as i said just go through as fast as possible and luck it.
  7. I got 79 on the BARB
  8. not bad mate! what trade are you going to be joining ?

    and by the way, I got 83 :p

    and I also knew a guy who got 7 (yes, JUST seven)
    He then tried for the navy (failed MISERABLY) and wanted to try for the RAF, but the recruiters wouldn't even let him near the afco place after that lot!
  9. Erm not sure yet mate,going down the aco in a few weeks to discuss jobs etc......What trade did you go in for?.
  10. My 3:

    1. Aircraft Tech
    2. OPA
    3. Light Inf. Para
  11. Is Level 3 higher than level 1? Because I got level 1.
  12. Or am I a mong?
  13. It goes Entry Level EL1 (Fail)

    in order
    Passes are EL2, EL3, L1, L2,L3
  14. Its not advisable going down on the ACO (Army Careers Officer)
    however you can go down to the ACIO (Army Careers Information Office) :wink:
  15. L3 highest or lowest?