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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by yorkshirejacket, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. Whats going on in the TA Soldiers minds at the moment?!!

    Ok so we are past the New Year Blues and should in theory be back up to full strengths on parades....but are we??!?!?! NOPE?! Could someone enlighten me what the f' is going on and why are people not turning up??

    If anyone has ideas how to get people in... let me know!

    The bounty carrot can only go so far.. and in my eyes.... if you miss your bounty weekend..... UNLUCKY!! -- i wont lose sleep over it!
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Perhaps it's that lovely loving loveliness that you exude that makes you so alluring to the Soldiers. They were all staying away pouring their love into boxes to make you luscious valentines presents. Ask when you next see them if they have been making gifts from special man love for you. 8O
  4. The guys who've got their Bounty sorted out prior to Christmas are in the position of being able to pick and choose.

    And they will, unless you're offering a weekend that grabs their interest.

    January & February are in my reckoning the worst months attended for that reason. It's cold outside, so who wants to pick up a paintbrush in the vehicle park? Or wake up to frost on the basha?

    Okay, so lots of us do, but unless the weekend is interesting, guys will just not show.
  5. For the first time in my TA life (far two many years to mention) i was TOLD " there is no TA tonight because its Valentines day".

    is this army becoming understanding ?
  6. Very true last weekend out of a coy hardly put a section in the field .Having qualified for bounty wished I stayed at home it was
    vey harsh :lol: .Getting to old too spend sunday morning crawling through a river :) .
  7. YJ,

    you answered your own question with your, "i don't give a sh** attitude" which your last sentance spelt out loud and clear.

    remember as you drive into you TAC, in the brackets it has a V or even the word Volunteers.

    TA are exactly that and if the training, personalities, or general feeling is not great then they won't volunteer. The other points on this thread so far, seems to be most of the Posters on here have been around a bit, and show up because they are most probably in a position of Rank or Status, if your Toms aint showing then look at why.

    If you need to post the question on Arrse, then you are not looking at your unit or yourself truthfully or indepth enough. Look. You will find the answers.

    Although you could do the following, which I have seen done many times,

    stand in front of the squad next time you have a roomfull and tell them you are cancelling adventure training in June because they didn't show for Mil-SkillS in Feb. That is always a good retention plan.

    As MSR pointed out earlier in the thread there are many reasons as to why, you just need to identify them and action them.
  8. Yep always blame someone else for their mistakes. People don't attend because they don't know whats going on and don't want to get cold. Maybe a few can smell their bounty but most turn in cause ..... its a habit ... a bit like smoking :lol:

    We had a PSI do a 'why aren't you turning for weekend X etc .... your all bounty hunters', its a myth and he just made himself look like a knob. The real reason is most soldiers realised that on weekend X we would be 'playing' soldiers and doing nothing relevant to our role. Its not hard to make it relevant.

    p.s. Several other ARRSE members (officer/SNCO) mentioned the same to me today
  9. I would never have thought that the day would come when "G" was short on numbers, or "F" for that matter.

    perhaps a quite word with the senior Rfn would give you the answer you seek.

    Perhaps FAS - Ldn's/RRV is not as popular as most would like to think !!!
  10. No buges I spent all valentines evening outside the TAC in the cold.
  11. I put it to the floor to approach a 'relevant' person and let them know how and what should be done to get the guys happy!?!

    The RRV change may not be helpful but is a fact of life...

    I for one love it when the guys are in and on the training -- can we pull together and sort it out?
  12. Im confused is it the types of training that people believe is keeping your attendances down or the fact that they have earned they`re bounty`s and cant be arsed any more.

    Or is the operational requirements beling placed on your units.

    Time for a large pot of coffee me thinks.

    Right here goes. If the reason people join up is to get a bounty then your better off without them, baggage is all they are.

    If the training or the deployments dont float your boat join the feking woodcraft folk.

    If your organisations dont do it for you any more join the RauxAF, we have fantastic attendance and training every other week. And not only that but we all know from day one what we are going to be doing and its made perfectly clear that if you dont like getting coldnwet, if you dont like turning rounds into brass, dont like hot climates then dont bother.

    I eagerly await your crabair jibes!!!!
  13. I think you are way off the point. I do not believe the majority of TA do it just for the bounty, I certainly dont do it just for that. There are a lot of factors of why people do not turn up and I dont think that they are all purely the TA. Work-life is becoming more stressful, and the TA can become a big part of some peoples life, requiring a lot of spare time, outside tuesday nights and weekends.

    I can sympathise when the PSIs put a lot of effort into organizing a weekend and perhaps a dozen turn up. The TA always has been and still IS different from the regulars. They keep asking why people dont turn in and say 'get rid of them if they dont turn in'. Dont think that is the answer.

    I dunno what the answer is, because there are a lot of threads on this. It is a big problem and I do not know who or how it is to be dealt with