Numbers of Children Who Have Lost Parents In Recent Wars Revealed for the First Time

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bad CO, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    We've just had this in by email from Channel 4 News and I also note that it is the top story on their website.

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  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    This is great news. Is there a section for people who's fathers died in other wars but who just cracked on and made the best of things?
  3. So because nothing was done in the past nothing should be done for these poor kids now? Cracking logic.
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  4. I think it's great if it raises awareness. It's very difficult for children to deal with these emotions as many won't have experienced loss before. It's hard for children to see their parents upset and hard for them to talk about emotions.
    Great stuff.
  5. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    And this is what I like about ARRSE, an original piece of genuinely interesting information. Three posts later, we have an argument :clap:
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  6. No they're not!
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  7. You used to post things worth reading.

    Now you're just a ****.

    Great charity.
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  8. And in previous wars our wounded soldiers were discharged and left to deal with it, and those with Battleshock were shot. But those affected just cracked on with it and made the best of things.
  9. SSAFA are also very supportive of children who have lost a parent or who's parent has been seriously injured.
  10. I like you, if you had a womb I would breed with you or at least impregnate you and hang around for cuddles, but seriously, were you off your meds when you wrote this? Thing is, 'back in the day' everyone had someone killed in a war and could relate to each other in a common shared grief. That doesn't happen today.

    Little Johnny doesn't have any friends whose daddys have been blown to tiny bits.

  11. .....and back in the day, most kids had two parents, usually married to eachother, and at least one of them would be just as then, everything is relative.

    ID is right IMO. Ever since the Crusades, and earlier, when 'Daddy went off to war' for months if not years, wives and children have had to cope with the absence and likely death of Husband and Fathers.

    Now all of a sudden, encouraged by politicaly directed grief whoring and media justification of bollox campaigns, everyone is meant to feel for the poor soldiers and their families.....and as debated in the PTSD Thread, and by our own experiences, we know that it's still only a small percentage of Toms that actually bear the brunt of the cas figures.

    Little Johnny may not have many friends whose Dads are in a place of danger, but little Johnny has plenty of friends who only have one parent and whose lives are shit and poverty stricken.

    How many people are in the Army? many cas per 1000? many squaddies and their families put up with shite accom for years before anyone even mentioned it?..has it only been in the last 5 years that SFA has been shite?..was it so wonderful before then?

    So the point seems to be that forces families did cope in the past and will cope now.....without the enforced victim culture that some organisations and individuals seem to want to force them to accept.

    Guess what? As recent as 30 odd years ago, when it wasn't 'trendy' at all, soldiers were being killed in NI and elsewhere. IEDs and snipers, no shit, it's true.

    Mums and Dads/wifes and kids, suffered and had to endure that sadness, but as ID said, they got the feck on with it without carrying a sign around their necks, put on them by hangers on, saying 'Please pity me'.....

    Back in the day of the 70's, 80's 90's and later, everyone accepted that it was part of the job.....people would say, 'Well, he was a soldier, what do you expect?'.....and as Soldiers that what we thought as well.

    So IMO, The Channel four news article is bollox and cheap is the name 'Kai'..WTF?, change the date to 1972 and call the kid Billly... and who would give a feck?

    ID comments seems to say to me that we/they and our families, coped without the media circus then...and they'll cope without the media circus now.

    ID is right,
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  12. I'll have a pint of what you're smoking.

  13. As Channel 4 News reveals the number of children whose parents have died fighting for the UK in Afghanistan and Iraq, Carl Dinnen meets grieving families trying to help others in the same situation.

    Do you think Channel 4's Carl Dinnen might be interested in meeting the grieving families of the 760+ British Soldiers killed during the troubles ?
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  14. It's publicity I suppose, but it's no different to parents killed In other wars, as NS123 stated, I doubt much was muttered over kids whose parents were killed in GW1 or Falklands, pick a conflict really.

    I start to get the impression (and this is just my opinion) is that in some eyes almost a default setting is now that if you come back from a tour, in whatever state and do just crack on, your not valued or you haven't done right???

    This lead to the (for example) never ending shitty outrage stories of "I was in uniform and wasn't allowed in a pub/ the red carpet wasn't rolled out etc" which if anything just made the Army look like a bunch of whinging handbags.

    As I said it's good publicity I suppose but there IS a support system in place and I think withtge continuous use of the sympathy vote that gets flogged out in the media for all things military we are in danger of alienating any support, how often must the public hear how badly we are treated?.

    Just a thought.
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  15. ....So AT, are you denying that they/we coped?

    Do you recall untold zombie like twats schlepping around in a crying, coma like state with people whispering as the passed...'Yeah, he lost his Dad in the War, we have to treat him like a victim forever'

    .....and calling him 'Kai' didn't do him any fecking favours.

    A good few of us on ARRSE were born not exactly ages after the war, especially us 60's kids.

    Some of us and our school friends lost parents and older brothers/sisters, in that conflict.

    Being a Polish Jew, born in 1940, my Mum lost untold relatives, but Kids are tough and kids who have lost parents and siblings, quickly get to 'know the score' ..i.e that no one gives a feck because everyone else is mainly too busy trying to deal with their own real or imagined daily shite.

    What holds kids and families back is outsiders prying into their grief ....for their own selfish ends, in this case, the website/TV ratings.

    All that Channel four have done is jump on the bandwagon and come in from a different angle that hasn't been highlighted by another channel...was a time when Chl 4 were totally anti squaddie/anti establishment, now cos they may be some milage in it, they are all soft and cuddly to squaddies and their dependants.

    You could, pretty much word for word, change the names and date that article to any previous war/conflict.

    This will go well with the PTSD and the 'shock horror' squaddies being paid peanuts and living in shite accom/SFA thread.

    AT, Don't get caught up in the 'I've got a right to be act like i'm the only persons who's ever had to cope with tradegy' hype, that the media are feeding you.

    I can understand that some squaddies and their families may want recognition, but once the boys are back, squaddies will be treated like shitbags again and the only ones that you'll hear about will be the arrseholes who get in the news for all the wrong reasons due to 'What he saw over there'.

    The awareness of 'Help for Heroes' and it's sister organisations has raised so much, which was definetely helped by media, so fair play to them for that.....but it does also hide the truth, which is whatever has been raised, will never match what has been actually spent pursuing the conflicts to start with.

    There's a lot to be said for a bit of Quiet Dignity by the bereaved....without the media being over involved or even allowed to pry into the pain.

    They've never been known for their compassion or alturism when it came to the proles, most of their execs and hangers on regards squaddies of any rank ,and their 'off spring', as mindless lumpen to be shown by our own 'Elite' Princess production team.

    But if you want to become another supporter of the other 'neglected groups' that have sprung up over the years crack on.

    Most of us contribute, and are happy that our own regimental socieites and SSAFA/RBL are continuing to do their bit to comfort and support the bereaved......I don't recall channel four covering what they do and have done for years?
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