Numbers and the Welsh.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by llech, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. I bumped into an ol' mucker of mine in Elsmere Port the other day. Now i cant remember his mane but dhouted his last 2.
    "Oi Fourteen" its me Twentynine haven't seen you for years!" And so we went on catching up on whats been going on, and we must've sounded like a pair of idiots talking in numbers, hows fiftyfive? did you hear about thirty six? and so it went on.
    Now I was in a Welsh Battalion all Jones,Williams,Evans and Roberts as you could imagine, Now my question is do English Battalions use numbers in such a manner?
    Only time i knew about it was when i was in basic with an few English blokes and there was a Jones from the PWRR and he was given his last 2 to be known by, however the SGT was an RRW man and as he said "I LIKE NUMBERS".

    P.S. Numbers have been changed to protect identities!
  2. Yup. I was Smith380, I had a mate 147, and other 379
  3. Yes indeed !
  4. Gurkhas are all called Gurung, Rai or Limbu; so always numbers there too.
  5. I doubt this story.No Welshman can count to more than ten.
  6. 60 was the biggest crook in Maindy
  7. There used to be a lad known as 18.
    Not because he had a common surname but because he had half his ear bitten off, i.e 18 months = ear and a half.
  8. We can count to 24 with ALL our fingers and toes! :wink:
  9. With a little more thought you could surely reach 25 :)
  10. And I can do it in Fibonacci numbers
  11. Or if you were a woman, 26 8)
  12. Have to admit I had to google Fibonacci!
    Show off! :D
  13. yep, i guess so, number are a great thing, well and nicknames too!
  14. The four years I spent in the Poly at Treforrest was not a complete waste of time then
  15. lol. give me strenght!