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Number, rank, name!

Bit of a lame post this, but is it still the case that when recording/writing the details of Warrant Officers, that their initials go before the surname, unlike other ranks where the initials go after the surname?

Can anyone shed any light on where this might be documented?


You are indeed correct, i only know this as i have just sorted out somebody else's Incarep (and yes i know, i should be working) :roll:
That's why I'm asking-young orrificer wanted changes made and I wanted to check that my understanding is still current! Can't see why the tradition would change, but you never know!


Just checked with my dog, tis definite, Orrificers and WO's, initials first, everybody else after the surname, can't see why they would ever change it.

Oh sunday day shifts are great in BFG :wink:

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