Number plates on HGV trailers?

Forgive me if this is a daft question, but I've been out of the UK for years, and I am unsure about current legislation.

What is the score in the UK on articulated lorries and the trailers that they are pulling? Am I correct in that the trailer itself is still not registered separately, and that it should have the same number plate as the truck pulling it? :police:

The reason I ask is that I see increasingly large numbers of foreign trucks pulling trailers originating in a different country and bearing plates from that country. I've no idea on the legality of a truck registered in one country pulling a trailer registered in another, but it seems to be very common.

Even here in Denmark I often see Bulgarian and Polish registered trucks pulling trailers with UK plates. This seems a bit off as surely the UK registration shown on the trailer belongs to a truck driving about in the UK somewhere? :-?

Cheers for any input
Oddly enough this is something I think about, I look forward to an answer.
There should be the same reg plate on the trailer as the truck. For example when I was hauling dutch trailers (with dutch plates) I had a bungee or chain with a uk plate to fix on (and sometimes leave on at the dockside oops).
In the UK any trailer must display the same VRM as the tractor unit. as I was never a snake please don't ask for Act and Section.
Footnote. Shunters moving trailers from dockside to depot (and reverse) frequently don't bother, so near docks you will see mismatches frequently.
In the UK the motive unit should affix its number plate to the trailer when it hitches up, it should remove it when it drops the trailer. If the driver leaves the plate on the trailer what's the next load he's going to pull going to wear.
In the UK any trailer must display the same VRM as the tractor unit. as I was never a snake please don't ask for Act and Section.
snake? I knew them as black rats. <spits>
In Kent they were referred to as snakes, due to their reversible jackets that (at that stage) were only issued to Traffic and known by the hoi polloi as 'snakeskins'
To the best of my knowledge a “British” trailer carries the same matriculation mark as the motive power unit. A trailer although it requires a VOSA test in its own right it does not have its own V5 (vehicle registration document) or insurance certificate. The trailer is tested using “TIN” plate (Trailer Identification Number).

In most other EU countries a trailer has its own matriculation and Carte Grise, thus the trailer and motive power units have different matriculations. The problem occurs on our side of La Manche when a UK trailer is shipped unaccompanied, something that occurs regularly here in Rosko. However our operators have special matriculation plates for such occurrences as we operate legally which is more than can be said for our east European brothers and sisters. Their favourite trick is to steal a matriculation plate from a trailer whilst they are in the UK.

As for a motive power unit from one country pulling a trailer from another country that is not a problem as the trailer is matriculated in its country of origin, the exception being the UK (at present). This will change come 2016 with the harmonization of vehicle matriculation within the EU – UK trailers will have to be matriculated. This process have already started with matriculation layouts being harmonized: Most countries are now using the two letter, 3 numeral, 3 letter layout or are in the process of changing.

Hope my reply has given you an insight.
Where the towing vehicle is an agricultural machine, a plate fixed on the trailer may, instead of displaying the registration mark of the towing vehicle, display the mark of any other agricultural machine kept by the keeper of the towing vehicle.

Hope my reply has given you an insight.
As Mr Rumsfeld would have probably observed, 'There are things we know we care about, and things we don't know we care about.' Trailer markings was something I didn't know I didn't care about, but now it's something I know I don't care about, so thanks.
In the UK any trailer must display the same VRM as the tractor unit. as I was never a snake please don't ask for Act and Section.
Most other European Countries register/licence both tractor units and trailers (with unique VRM). And it's a requirement to display
Individual VRM on both.
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