number ones.. blues

got ceremonial duties in a few weeks and will be wearing these

got a full dress rehearsal tomoz, so they need to look pukka

do you iron them the same as #2's??? creases running on inside of sleaves....and do they get shiny if you dont iron them over a damp towel???


didnt know where to put this so stuck it in the training wing.
Had you not thought to ask anybody from your unit before going home? Just seems to me you are leaving it late to get your kit done, thats all...

Yes, the sleeves are pressed as per no. 2's, and I always use a damp (clean!) sweat rag or pillowcase rather than a towel, with the iron set to medium steam medium heat. No doubt others will do it different ways, but each to their own.
im not at home im in camp, got cable in my room hence why im online

i asked round all the boys and no1's got a clue.. hence why i posted on here
you iron them on a wool setting to not burn the material..
Pour boiling water into a mess tin, leave it on the creases and go down town to get hooped before the parade.
If your duty is in the london area you are supplied with a young Thai girl that Irons and Cleans all your kit before your stag anyway, so there's no point in learning now, get yourself down down and get ur ass licked!

Just a thought!
Have a good look at it and see where the remains of the creases from the last pressing are, it's unlikely that there's no trace of them no matter how long they've been in stores.
there was no creases in the sleeves whatsoever, had to put them in myself

theyre in the dry cleaners now anyway and they'll come back pressed for us


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