Number one dress uniforms

I am the best man at a wedding next year.
I have been tasked to sort out no1 dress uniform for the groom and possible myself.

As a weekend warrior we only get issued 95 and occasionally no2 uniform

Does anyone know where I can hire no1 dress uniforms from ? I was thinking that the tailors at Blandford might have something ?
Glover & Riding - Tailors, Military & Civilian

10, Horne Rd, Bulford, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP4 9AE
Tel: 01980 632904
If you are near 30 sigs there is a tailor who visits the clothing store who lends them out.
White Helmets have an absolute shed load of Blues (quite literally). They should either loan or sell you a set (c.£50 - £100).

Give the Team Captain a ring. The full screw in the stores there is a good bloke and will help you if he can.
216 in Colly do ones, im getting mine for m wedding £45.00 for 4 weeks!

Polar PM me for details

I had to get a set a few years ago and 238 (?) sorted me out in Chelsea Barracks, I believe they have moved now, but as our dedicated ceremonial Sqn they had loads - and it was free. All I had to do was write a letter to the QM for permission.

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