Number of years in rank for promotion.

i was wondering if anyone can clear the following up ? Without boring the arse off you. i was selcected for promotion from Pte to LCpl on the board Oct 09 and on posting started wearing May 31 2010. I have since been recomended for promotion to Cpl im my sjar this year period 01/04/20122 - 31/03/2012. With my seniority date as 31st May 2010 and the Board sitting the tail end of july. if anyone can clear up the 2 year in rank rule and if a fall short to even make the board? Apologies if its long winded a just get mixed views on the matter.
IMHO your best off going through your own OC or through CofC for this as there are lots of other factors that go into this with trade courses and all dependant on your trade/Cap badge/Corp etc so thats probably why your getting conflicting stories.
You seem to be warping in time!

If you have an A grade SJAR, then that pushes you forward by a year!

Normally you need 3 x B grade or below SJAR's to zone in for promotion.
If you want to get promoted...

1. Obtain 20ltr jerry of benz and zippo with regimental crest.
2. March in to COs office with above.
3. Douse oneself in benz.
4. Flick open zippo, ensuring CO sees crest (this indcates your lvoe of the regiment).
5. Threaten to torch oneself and RHQ if you are not immediately promoted.

Can go one of two ways. One bad, one worse.

Don't wear ammo boots. One lad I know got hs second tape, then on marching out of the COs office hs studs sparked on the concrete steps of RHQ. Wasn't pretty.

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