number of ships not in use??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunc0936, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Having read the latest navy news this month and hearing of the sale of Sir Galahad to the Brazilains, anyone know how many ships both fighting and support are sitting in dock not being used at all, suppose that might include HMS Invincible

  2. [​IMG]

    I assume the portly gentleman is the new Captain of the Garcia D wossname..

    Be interesting to see just how many ships are surplus.. One of the reasons the Galahad was sold off is because of the newer, larger ships that came in and replaced it. To that end, are the other 4 of the same class as Galahad surplus too?

    I wonder how many of the Fleet cuts (new expenditure) is bacause they cant offload the old stock.
  3. LOL. That fat cnut would have sunk the Belgrano single handedly. I wouldn't want to share a life raft with him.

  4. Dunno, at least when it comes to eating your companions when the rations are gone you would be well sorted. Could live a long time on a meal that size......
  5. No he's ballast. Or don't they use him for damage control, to plug holes in the bulkheads? :D
  6. I we have not got the manpower to man the ships then it stands to reason that they are laid up.
  7. Do you actually believe thats the reason that the Royal Navy has been decimated by this government?
    Nothing to do with money and convincing themselves we don't really need a Navy then?
  8. Jagmam...... No, that's not what I meant. As you imply, this government has decimated our armed forces not just numerically but financially, by the politicalisation of the MoD and by other means that have been alluded to and discussed on this and other forums resulting in the present situation.
    One of the results being that we have not got enough manpower to man the ships we have. [let alone asset stripping ships of equipment to fit into operational vessels.] A pox on this government, the jobsworths they have created and all their supporters.
  9. Profuse apologies for that one Exile, I misunderstood your point to mean the opposite.
  10. my bad, as they say........
  11. The one on the left looks a bit dodgy as well. But whilst he is fairly amusing, lets not be too hasty to cast the first stone when we have some... less than perfect specimens in the Royal Navy either. To wit (or in this case half-wit),

  12. wtf is that??
  13. That is, and I'm using the term here loosely so I apologise for any offence caused, Able Seaman Arthur Batchelor from the HMS Cornwall/Iranian seizure of Royal Navy personnel in the Gulf incident from back in 2007. He who was reduced to tears after those nasty Iranians stole his iPod, flicked his ears and mocked him by saying he looked like Mr. Bean.