Number of Iraqi battalions: 1

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. Hmmm...

  2. Probably other batallions are unable to fight without Americans (without enemy).
  3. Would this be the Battalion predominantly composed of Sunnis and ex- RG bods?
  4. I am more surprise that any Iraqi battalin can fight or will fight without CF support. Let stop wasting our time on them just get more British or US troop on the ground and turn that place into a free-fire zone. Much easier for everyone
  5. Reminds me of the FRA and Police in Aden days.Look what happened then!
  6. It appears that mr.Bush is very optimistic about Iraq.

    Very impressives.

    Such a valuable remark.

    Probably gen.Casey hasn't said about 1 batallion.

    Of course brave Iraqi troops (with American baby-sitters) are able to do it.
  7. How many troops are there in an Iraqi battalion?
  8. 5
  9. That will be the 5 that come in to open up the pay office then.
  10. Surely you're being ironic ? Aren't you ?

    The simple truth is that neither the US nor the UK have enough troops to do more than we're doing at the moment. We're also only really taking on the Sunnis (approx 20% of the population) plus a few imports and are finding this a stretch , hence the Shia and the Kurds get away with as much as they do. If we escalate (read as more dead civvies) we run the very real risk of getting the Shia to kick off - supported no doubt by Iran/Syria (once they've stopped laughing).

    If the Iraqis will not fight for the Iraqi state - but they will fight for their own Kurdish/Shia/Sunni grouping - then to me that's a sign that maybe we should stop pretending they're a viable nation state and plan for a partioned solution.
  11. People keep talking about the parallels with Vietnam but the real parallel is actually Yugoslavia post-Tito. 3 way split coming as soon as Uncle Sam decides he's bored with this game.
  12. I wonder exactly how much coalition support these Iraqi battalions need? - except for the one which requires none...

    If it just a case of having a couple of advisors attached or maybe a section with those airborne reconnaissence drone things then that wouldn't be too bad...

  13. just split the contry into three, kurds in the north, sunnis in the middle and the shi'ts in the south, then get the un to controll the oil and split it three ways a disperse it equaly
  14. 3 ways is a good idea except a small problems, there are more Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iran. Saudi happen to be Sunni and Shias are connected to Iran. And there are also Turk and other minority groups in their country. Would it be just a civic war or would it be a regional war where all those surrounding it are going for a land grab (There are oil under those sand)? And what is it in for us for it to become 3 or 4 nations states? I once heard that empire prefer conflicting enthic groups, because you can play one against the other.
  15. The Sunnis would prefer Iraq to remain a single entity , and they have some Shi'a support in that view.