Number of FAM Vists?

Is there a limit to how many Familiarisation Visits you can do? Or rather is it considered poor form to 'take advantage' of the system by doing a lot? I ask because at this stage I've done the general infantry one at Warminster, the RA and the RE and my ACA seems to be content in some respects that that's enough. I've been considering taking a look at the RLC as well, though I'm not too pushed if I don't make that, but I definitely want to visit some individual infantry regiments. I'm trying to decide between contacting/visiting the RIR, RRS and Rifles. Viz. the infantry from what I've gathered seeing two seems to be standard and with January fast approaching time is getting tighter. I know I want to see the Rifles so it's a choice between RIR and RRS. I'm leaning towards the latter as being a larger reg they may be potentially more amenable to my age (I'll be 26 upon commissioning so right at the new limits!!).

So how many regiments has everyone visited? I should add the caveat that I'm based in Ireland so I do appreciate that it probably costs more to get me to and fro these visits and said cost would be felt more by individual infantry regiments than a larger Corps!
This is the one period in which you have (almost) all the time that you need to make a decision. You will certainly only have very restricted time for it at RMAS, ( supposing that you arrive there.) For my money get in what visits you can, it's your career, not the ACA (O)'s. If that means a direct approach to specific units, in your own time, carry on.

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I entirely echo the advice above. You won't have time for many (if any) PO visits at Sandhurst so get them in now. Joining the right regiment/corps (for you) is what will make your army career enjoyable and potentially successful.

Two infantry regiments is probably about right, any more and you may be seen to be whoring yourself out a bit, any less and you may not experience the full cross section of the infantry.
Two infantry regiments is probably about right, any more and you may be seen to be whoring yourself out a bit, any less and you may not experience the full cross section of the infantry.
That's what I figured! I'll get in contact with the Rifles and RRS ASAP.

Thanks for the advice gents!
By who? Get on as many Fam visits as you can, nobody's going to be counting.
I remember an individual at Sandhurst who whored himself around pretty much every HCAV/RAC regiment and in the end none of them would touch him. Part of this may have been that he just wasn't up to the mark, but at least some of it (and he was told this at interview) was that the regimental colonels could not be sure that he really wanted to join that regiment, as he seemed to have flirted with every other one.

While I agree that every potential officer should generally try to get on visits to every part of the army they feel that might suit them, I think in the case of the RAC and the infantry that there should not be the requirement to visit absolutely every possible option. For instance in the RAC the regiments are similar enough that you should probably just focus on one Armd and one FR. For the infantry, judge by reputation the regiments that are most likely to suit you and your aspirations (ceremonial = foot guards, rugby = WELSH/YORKS, love of tartan = RRS, airborne/most likely SF springboard = PARA, etc.) and then look at a couple of likely choices. The job is not going to differ much (beyond the roles of the different Bns within the regiments), so it is only the regimental culture you are really looking at. Therefore best look at just a couple and not risk being accused of whoring yourself. Just my thoughts, in no way the definitive point of view on the subject.


Perhaps that was down to the way the individual went about it? Sitting where I am at the moment, I think seeing a good spread of regiments and corps could only be a positive thing in making an informed choice about which part of the army one might want to join.

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