Number of days paid for TA soldiers

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gi_barbie, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. As a TA soldier I was quite annoyed when informed by my SPS staff that I had 30 days left of this year to be paid for after this I would not get paid for anything else until after Apr 08. As I am attached currently to a regular unit (not through FTRS) this put a cut off day on when it would end until after April.

    I think it would have been nice to be informed how many days I had left before I started my attachment.

    I was also informed that there is talk of cutting the 117 days down to something even less than this figure. This I think is a stupid idea, if there are no FTRS posts for your Regt then something else should be created for people who wish to do something more than one weekend a month and 4 wednesday nights a month.

    Maybe I'll be informed I'm just whining but I thought I needed to air my views and see what came back to me.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    There aren't 30 days left in this financial year.

  3. and last time I checked (2-3 years ago) even under the MoD's 'new' RAB accounting TA pay for March actually came off next year's budget as it doesn't get paid out until April ie there is no accrual made for it.

    Authough I wouldn't be suprised if there was mismatch between MTD day counting and the financiers.
  4. ok then i was told i had 30 days from Feb 14th
  5. yep, you're whining. Now be a good girl and get me a cup of tea, no sugar.
  6. I suggest you look on the MOD Intranet under ADC DIN and find out like I did!
  7. Well said 3mile.

    Additional Duties Contracts (ADC) are being used more and more now to bridge the gap. DIN Number 2007DIN02-098 will tell you all about it
  8. :x get a proper job or join the ******* army always used to be people at my old unit moaning about using up their days whats up cant people like you get a real job :roll:
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The ADC contract was (finally) introduced by the Army last year, after many successful years with the RAF and RN. The idea is to give TA who do more than 'just' ordinary training a bit more security. It's pensionable, you get leave, etc. It's a real job, and not casual labour.

    If you haven't been using it, then not only are you rather silly (OK, lets just say ignorant of the Army Regulations), but your Unit PSAO wants shooting - as does whatever Bde HQ has signed you off for more than 100 MTDs
  10. MTD allocation is a Training issue not an admin issue speak to SPSI not PSAO/SPS. I.E. Don't shoot the messenger!

    Although you should also really keep a track of your own MTDs so you know wher you are up to and so you can confirm that your pay is correct!

  11. thanks for your comments and info given :)
  12. There is something - it's called Regular.
  13. Well I never had a problem doing the max of 256 days. Your OC can authorise you up to 50, RHQ to 100 then Bde to 150. After that it's HQ land.

    Oh and I also got my paid leave.

    Any attachments you do should not come off your training days, as your pay should technically come from the unit you are attached to.

    If you went on a two week camp with XXX then XXX would have to pay from their budget.
  14. Taffnp sorry but you have got things slightly wrong:

    OC 50
    TM 80
    Bde 116
    Land above 116 - not happening anymore anything above 116 should be turned into an ADC

    All pay comes off your unit's budget - these are now based on unit strength rather than establishment so will be getting tighter unless you have a unit full of "ghosts".

  15. If you look a little deeper in to it there are a damn site more than 256 days which is NOT the maximum,if the unit plays the game as per a land directive written in letter format, that was sent after the DIN but is used in conjunction with it and you are on an ADC (max 220) you can stick another VTOD (max 90), Mandatory Training not part of ADC (max 35) and 10 Bank Holidays on that .