Number of arrsers online during day.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by happyhammer, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. I was sat at work bored so i thought i would check out arrse to see what was going on. There were over 90 online mid afternoon. Either we are all workshy or part of the massed ranks of the unemployed. How do so many of us manage to find the time in our hectic schedules. :lol:
  2. Workshy definitely. I reward myself with time on arrse after dealing with elements of daily drudgery.
  3. I'm here now. Wasn't online earlier as I was at the pub. Hey ho!!
  4. Work shifts HH, hence me being on-line at all sorts of stupid times!! I have hand on heart never logged into arrse during work time.

  5. Am at 'work'. Just have a look now and again...honest!
  6. Gotta get a bit of ARRSE during the day...can`t be all Work and no Play...besides, I learnt the ancient Art of Skiving whilst i was in the Army!
  7. Ever heard of "Working at home"? :)

    Me neither.

    But it's what i do 3 days a week or more if I can swing it.....leaves more time for TA admin....which of course is chargable.

    Happy STAB.
  8. On Leave.. Hurrah!! :D
  9. 5 shifts on 4 off gives me lots of time at home, in fact the neighbours think I'm unemployed. Better class of arrse on here daytime anyway, before all the workers come home and ruin it LOL.

    Jolly Japes in the mess after cocktails.

  10. ARRSE is my lifeline - without it, existence is trite.
  11. Some stupid git decided it was a good idea to give me access to the Interweb from a works compter... I see it as their fault really!!!
  12. Good call ... so if my boss catches me in work hours ill be sure to point that out to him. :lol:
  13. You ain't seen me...........right?
  14. I'm not workshy, I just don't have anything to do at the moment :lol:
  15. The joy of being a shiny arrse with an IGS machine. ARRSE monitored for quality discussions and arguments during t-breaks.