Number 2s

I was just curious, do the TA pass off in Number 2's? I had my fittings for my No2s whilst i was in Reg basic but if any of you have read my last 2 threads explaining the move this is why i ask :)



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Didnt wanna bombard the TA Centre staff with loadsa questions. Just want to get my kit re issued and crack on!!
Surely that's part of the reason they're there; to answer your questions. Or am I just being old fashioned?
I will. I had no problems during Phase1 regular whilst i was in before i started to have issues at home. Only thing i didnt enjoy much was the first hour was stag when it was lashing down lol. But yeah i will pass out.
^ Stagging on in the rain. That's one thing you'll get plenty of practice of.

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