Number 2s Question

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bad_Crow, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Back to basics.

    I cant remember how far down the arm corporal chevrons go on a number twos jacket. Someone do me a favour and tell me.
  2. It may or may not help mate, but give 'em to the tailor and they will come back in the correct place.

    Never heard of anyone sowing their own badges/chevrons on 2's.

    Edited to add : half way between elbow and shoulder methinks!
  3. Last minute . com

    If needs must i did learn how to that one time.
  4. NW if he/she is TA then there is probably no tailor and it is DIY. so just answer the Q if you know it.
    When I was in the TA we didnt get No# 2s so I hope they do now.
    Good luck to all you terriers.
  5. And here was me hoping for something shit-related
  6. Now that was funny!!! :thumleft:
  7. The top of the chevrons ie the two pointy bits should be in line with the top of your breast pocket.
  8. Alright love keep yer knickers on!!

    I am assuming ( from previous posts, apologies if wrong B-C ) that bad_crow is a regular infanteer and not a T.A. soldier, like i said, if i am wrong i do apologise.

    I was trying to be helpful, and if that offends you Retd_crab, you just don't get the banter thing then...........if thats the case, take some niteol and a good shot of single malt and fook off to bed!

    Ta ta for now.

    I must say this has nowt to do with yer stripes B-C, just another grumpy fooker on the warpath!! :biggrin:
  9. If it's not too late - just checked mine and they're 19cm/7.5ish'' down from the shoulder
  10. If you've still got epaulettes, unbutton it and fold it down the arm. IIRC the tip should be midway between the top of the chevrons.

    If I haven't remembered correctly, it will be lower to allow for trade badge.
  11. Cheers for help. It appears inline with breast pocket is correct. Thank god for stay bright collar dogs and buttons as i have until tomorrow to get this all in order.