number 2s pass out parade?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by thesades, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. hy there. just a general question. was wondering if you wear number 2's on your pass out parade? seen some rumours that there not being issued anymore? many thanks! :lol:
  2. what the hells number 2's dont want to sound like a tart but if you dont ask the question you dont get told the answer :D
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    WAH (?)

    Your ginger marching suit......
  4. Shite wah, but the bloke wearing the dress in your avatar is wearing a No.2s jacket.
  5. haha well thanks for that :D
  6. ATRs did go through a stage of having to give the 2s back in after their pass out parade (Old Style)

    Now the new 2s are here they get issued and they keep them.
  7. My mate has recently passed out of Ph1 at ATR Pirbright, and I was looking at pictures of his pass out parade on Facebook when I noticed the difference between his No2's and his fathers. (A Sgt in R SIGS)

    I assume the difference I noticed was his father having older ones? I was a bit puzzled by it at the time - I would post the pic but wouldn't want to breach his persec.
  8. Black nasty icon in paint brush?
  9. Done!

    No disrespect to my mate in the pictures - but I feel the darker, and more thicker look of the (I assume) older style looks better.
  10. Hmm, my set of 2s are only 3 years old yet look more akin to the older set on the left. Must be a fairly recent thing.
  11. the new two's are gash!! Especially with the gay fabric belt on
  12. Prefer tho old type No2s methinks. Smarter looking. New ones just look faded
  13. Doh, I meant the regulation black nasty rectangle, not the, we've been ducking for apples in tar, spraypaint.
  14. Edited
    because it was a childish remark :oops:
  15. On the plus side, the block behind them has a Sky dish; none of that in your mate's dad's day, I bet.