Number 2 dress,

Probably been done to death somewhere else, but . . . .

i am trying to get hold of a new 2's jacket, (old one shrunk in the wash, or i just got too big in the gym!)

i need a size 108 chest, can anyone out there help

north england area, have exhausted all roads around the catterick / ripon area !!!

need it for escort duty for a court marshall but keep getting told its no longer being issued as they are waiting for some new designed kit.

how are we still expected to wear the kit if we cant replace it through the QM's.

help is appreciated
there is new kit in the pipeline but its not at the issuing stage yet ...... they wont exchange any number 2s at all at present not even the clothing store at blandford so you have no chance ......... best bet is to get a non availability chit from the clothing store which should cover your arrse if anyone has a go ..... explain all this to whoever jiffed you they should be alright with it .
This is something that the whole army is suffering from. They stop giving out the old before the new is in stock. We recently had a Regt photo that had to be in 2's. People who's jackets didn't fit had to take them to the tailors and have a piece off cloth tacked into the back. All looked smart and proper from the front but from the back it looked like a reunion for coco the clown fans. everything from red to pink stripes up the back of peoples jackets and trousers.
38 Sigs Sheffield has quite a few jackets sat in the store. Give the QM a call and arrange a one for one swap. Should have one with the correct rank as well.

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