number 2 dress at bordon

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by dave perry, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. just passed off from phase 1 on friday and was wondering will i need my number 2 dress at bordon or would i be able to leave them at home
  2. Take it with you. November is approaching fast.

    You'll also look a complete **** trying to parade at 2200hrs, if you **** up, without them.
  3. cheers mate, shit have you gotta do show parades in 2's
  4. Only if you drop a bollock
  5. Which was every week when they need to fill weekend duties.......think every four days was at least 90 blokes on duty in the late 80's....Guard, QRF, IRF(immediate), RRF(Rapid). Oh what joy being in A company with around 100 Cfn so you near enough got a weekend duty every month.

    Make sure you take your whole 1157 (KIT)
  6. And take green paint for your belt buckles, and make sure everyone uses the same 'shade' of green , and make sure your boot laces aren't twisted :)

    The Iron

    Aye i remember those duty pdes, 90+ on guard mount each night, QRF sleeping in the hangers, hoping you had Luisburg to guard as it was a doss, or patrolling the patch with your pick halve.
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  7. Yep racing green paint for the belt buckels and black paint for your eyelets of your boots with Mad Mac as the RSM. Always trying to get the officers mess guard so you could watch a certain young 2Lt bringing back a different bloke to sh*g in the officers mess annex. Patrolling with your pix elf as it would of deterred the IRA and doing three hours on three hours off stags (45 minutes of Sgt Mess gate, front gate, internal patrol, external patrol of pads quarters) 1988 still remember it as if it was yesterday.
  8. :) forgot about painting your eyelets as well.

    88 for me too
  9. Ahh the memories. I was on guard the night the IRA blew up MIll Hill and the Guard Commander got the call that the alert state had went up. The QRF got called out and I ended up at Longmoor stagging on.

    1988 for me also 440/1 VMB

    To get back on thread dave you will need your No.2s