Number 1s hire... any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by itchyban, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. getting married next year. anyone recommend somewhere that hires out number 1s (for workers, not officers :))?

    i think there used to be a place near princess marina college, any ideas if they're still going? cost etc? used to be ten quid a month the last time i used them for a wedding. mind you, that was in 1864...
  2. It might be, if you can wait until monday I can probably find out for you, I know you want to hire but sell N.O 1 tunis and trousers for about £150.00 which is dearer than hiring but you might be able to flog it on ebay to a clown for a bit more with the addition of some ribbons and tapes etc.
  3. Don't hire a uniform itchyban, you only use it once,
    go to the police station and buy some handcuffs, you are sure to be leading a "restrained" life after the wedding.
  4. Try your Depot Regt QM Dept, Depot Tailor or Regt QM & local Regt Tailor. Could even try the Regt Band...

    RE Depot Clothing Store at Chatham used to do them for the Corp, thats where I got mine from in 89. Good deal too, all I had to pay for was the tailor bill getting em took in and the normal dry cleaner bill on return.
  5. thanks, that would be very helpful.

    mind you, if i buy a set then i can use them every time i get married... :lol:
  6. 307

    307 War Hero

    Don't understand you not get issued number 1s?
  7. Can recommend Medway Medals in Chatham. Failing that most training regts have a PRI to hire from
  8. Phone up the tailors shop at Arborfield. I got my blues from there for my wedding and they did a good job. They have loads of stuff in and will provide stripes and trade badges/wings/flags etc. Make sure you take a set of buttons and a spare cap badge for the white belt. It will cost you £25 to hire it.
  9. Got mine from Medway Medals - superb service. Measured up one day, picked them up the next. Which was handy as I had only got back from Bosnia that week and the wedding was the day after. 8)
  10. any further suggestions on this subject? particularly any closer to wales? medway sounded like good service when i rang them, but miles away...
  11. is good for all your medal bits and cheaper than most. (Based in Bournemoth BTW)

    Tailors shop at Arborfield is still open AFAIK, Phone no. is 01189 763 452 I needed an extended loan for mine and he cut me a good deal.

    Not that close CR, but at least its an easy trip on the M4 :D

    Edited to add: Mil No. 94251 2452 (robbed from another post)
  12. Medway medals in Gillingham is where I rented mine, cost£50. Just about to do it again for my mates wedding. Mind you thats because I'm a fat barsteward. If you have a nice RQMS he might be able to source it from a band or those Units that hold then for CO's drivers ect.
  13. cheers for that counterstrike, will give them a call :)
  14. Check on Ebay for no1 dress, they`ve got a few on there for £70, you might even get the right Regiment if you`re lucky :D
  15. thanks, but i make it a point of principle never to buy anything on ebay from an advert that contains the words "very rare" and "Hereford".

    as you no doubt noticed when you suggested it, you funny guy :roll: