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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by noxocube, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. Hey all, quick question about number one uniforms, are you allowed to get them issued for charity dinners?
  2. Why do you ask?
  3. Perhaps he's off to a charity dinner? :)
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  4. Ask the man at Q and M as regardless of what some nonce on the internet tells you, the man at Q and M may well have the deciding say in the matter.
  5. I ask because I'm going to a charity dinner.

    I am going to speak to the QM'S about it but I just wanted to know if it was usually allowed for this kind of shindig. Everyone else is going to be in Black Tie, and I thought #1's would stand out a bit!
  6. Have a good night. I'd wear black tie, if I were you.
  7. Son. You're obviously proud of your uniform, if you're a regular soldier and not a cadet or TA (no offence to the TA) wear your Blues and make sure you're immaculate. A fit, well turned out soldier in uniform is wonderful PR for the Army. Besides, unless you own a DJ wearing Blues will save you the money of renting one.
  8. If everyone else is in a DJ and you're in blues you may just look like a big timing goon in my opinion. But, if you want to to be centre of attention then fill your boots.
  9. Fair one. I'm not really the decision maker on this. Zero Alpha wants me to wear em!

    I'll have a chat with the QM and see. Cheers for the info chaps.
  10. Why not wear a suit and regimental tie? If you feel like big timing it wear miniture medals, a handful of lapel pins and wear your mod90 as a tie tack.
  11. Very poor effort.
  12. Do you get to wear the next rank up on your 1's at a charity do? After all, it is for charidee...
  13. Call your local AFCIO - they won't bite......
  14. Surely mess kit is the equivelant of black tie.
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  15. These wah posts are starting to get tediouse.