Number 1 Radio

Anyone know where I could find one of these, An oppo of mine is restoring a 1931 Austin 7 radio car, and needs something to put in it, It was scrap, and he has done a brilliant job over the the last three months.
(It is at Goodwood this weekend).
Obviously does not have to be working, but Blandford has been checked, they have 3, 1 in a car, and 2 mounted on a horse.
All GENUINE comments/help would be gratefully received, other comments will be marked for humour value!
I will post some before and after restoration pictures as soon as I get them from him!

Thanking you all in advance!
Now let the scrum commence.
Okay, tried, and registered, but am having a problem navigating the site, It maybe that it takes time for the confirmation to go through, etc.
Thanks for the direction.
I am surprised I haven't had something on the lines of "Have you looked behind the number 2 set, you might find one there".
I do appreciate that these will be rocking horse shit.
To some of the modellers out there, what would my oppo be looking at for someone to re-create the front end of the set?
Okay, difficult question when I cannot supply a photo at the moment, but bear with me please.

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