Number 1 dress uniform dramas 3 days before wedding!


I recently hired a set of 1's for my wedding, went for the fitting and all was fine, went to pick them up the other day but, like an idiot, i unzipped the suit bag, checked the collar dogs, buttons, and ribbons were all there and were all jimmy'd up, zipped it back up and took it all home.

Went to try it on back home, took it completely out of the bag, and discovered that the shoulder boards have a red piping around them, which wasnt there when i tried the jacket on a few weeks back at the tailors?? Now i'm about 98% sure that the signals do not have red piping around the shoulder boards of our 1's and don't have a bloody clue what to do about this.

Taking them back and getting it sorted isnt an option b/c the tailors are now closed for the summer and i live about 3 hrs away anyways, is it ok to wear the jacket anyways?? I only have 2 people from the army going and one of them isnt even signals so the rest of the guests will be civvies and completely unaware that i'm wearing the wrong uniform i guess.

I only ask b/c i know that, what may seem, little things like that, are normally there for a good reason, like battle honours and where a corps has been etc, and as such are generally not little things to the people that wear them, i don't fancy some old infantry guy going crazy at me b/c his unit has red piping around there for fighting in the crimean war or w/e and how f##cking dare a bloody signaller wear uniform with red piping around the shoulders!! You get the idea.

I don't want to sack off wearing my uniform b/c it looks the business and i always wanted to get married in uniform but i don't know how big a deal this is!

Any thoughts please???

(Nothing about not getting married either lol)
Can't seem to find anything about it on Google. At the end of the day, it's your wedding, anyone moans, kick em out. And unless you're going to post your wedding pictures on ARRSE, or invite the RSM round to look at your photo album, I think you'll be alright!
As you have no doubt requested permission from your chain of command to tie the knot in No 1 Dress, your wedding phots will be a dead giveaway to your bosses that you got it wrong. If you can't get it right, wear morning dress.

As a solution, can you get to another military tailor and have them change the shoulder boards before the event and back again afterwards?

If you are near Blandford, get into the clothing store and see if they can help.

Good luck with the day.
Can't help with the blues but - cancel the wedding, will save loads of grief and financial loss in the long run.....20 years from now you will wish you took my advice :D

Seriously though I hope it all works out for you.
Unless you are an officer, why are you wearing shoulderboards instead of epaulettes?
If you are an officer why are you wearing non cerimonial shoulder boards?
I would suggest you perhaps contact a local RSigs TA unit, if the shoulderboards are detachable you might find someone to lend you a pair.

Failing that, go right ahead and wear it, somebody may well remark on it but only as a matter of interest. No one would, I imagine get upset about it.

As a dress infringement, it's way down the league of dress 'crimes'

It's not as if you were 'large-ing it up' by wearing the Infantry Sargeants' Sash; or badges/medals that you weren't qualified to wear; or crimson or green trousers of certain cavalry regts!

Good Luck on the day!

You are quite right about RSigs having no shoulder piping, more important from traditional uniform point of view is the red stripe on the trousers- should be the very wide (mounted/calvalry) stripe of the REs
What's wrong with starting a new tradition?
What's the worst that can happen? You get crated at the Sqn bar (if you have one).

Enjoy the day and if anyone questions it at the bash simply inform them that they must be thinking of the No1 Dress Ceremonial pattern that was superceded by the 2009 pattern 8 months ago: the red line being added to as a comemoration of the time in WW1 (Mons) (first one) where a scaley forgot which was positive and which was negative and blew up the field telephone resulting in the death of 60,000 Tommies.

On a personal level I always thought getting married in Blues was the worst thing to do: all the women at the reception will want to shág you and you have to behave (at least for one night). My recommendation is that you get married in Morning Dress and all your military muckers turn up in Blues so they can shág all the lasses.
blobmeister said:
The Knave, All NO1s now have shoulder boards that reflect their Corps/Arm. Cost cutting tri-service jackets.
If this is true then please inform Regt Col RSignals and th CRSM so they can update Corps dress regs. (And RSM 21 SR who currently has his guys on Public Duties with epaulettes).

Shoulder boards or epaulettes neeed to be fitted so cost cutting is not really relevant.

This is the same as the red stripe on the trousers, buttons, collar dogs and all other acoutrements.
Dread said:
What's the worst that can happen? You get crated at the Sqn bar (if you have one).
And if not, you have got one over the system ;)

To answer the original question; if you want to look like the picture that buscuitsAB supplied with aguilettes, swords, sashes, crossbelts, pouches or whatever else you can get your hands on to big it up on your wedding photos then good luck to you.

If you want to be correctly dressed then the red piping on the shoulder boards has to go.
Arte_et_Marte said:
I'm confused. Why would a serving soldier need to HIRE a set of No 1 dress.

Issued surely?
Only issued if required, ie for ceremonial duties. To wear for weddings etc(with permission from CoC) a hire fee is payable for the tailoring/upkeep of the pool of uniforms available.

Fair enough, though I would still make a distinction between epaulettes and shoulder boards.

A close look at your wonderfully PR picture suggests them to be flexible rather than rigid (in my opinion).

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