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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ferraymo, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. I'm getting Married in may and really need to start thinking of getting a set. firstly,

    - Where do i get them from?


    -Do you wear your Normal rank or the rank above?

    Thanks folks! 8)
  2. The White Helmets in Blandford have a good selection at very reasonable rates (a crate of lager a few years back!). Otherwise, the troop in 251 Sig Sqn in Aldershot that used to be 238 have access to plenty as well.

    As for the old 'wear the rank up' thing, I thought that was an old wives' tale but am happy to be corrected?

  3. Cheers mate, il give that a try, i heard the rank thing applied to the Guards only. but you know what the armys like you hear that many things!!
  4. You are absoultly correct b-t, it is an old wives tale.

    I asked when I got (sent down) married, in my letter to CO, and got told in no uncertain terms that it is an offence to impersonate a senior rank (to youself, Obviously).

    And you can get called 'a Walt' :wink:
  5. the Roadster is right
    your best bet is to go to your RQ, he should be able to help you??

    and HTB is spot on, you dont want photograpic evidance of you WALTING ???
  6. Well thanks very much for your help folks il get on to the RQ asap. Thanks
  7. If you're going to blag a few extra chevrons you might as well go the whole hog and make sure they put SAS Parachutist wings on as well.
  8. Good luck, when I got married I ended up having to hire a set of No 1's as I was in Cyprus and couldn't get to any of the very few places who hold them. I would give you the details of the tailors who rented thm out to me but I binned it years ago. If you do have to go down that route then the clothing store at JSSU Cyprus may be able to help you since it was them who gave me the details.