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Any one been fishing?
1st Friday in December you will all know. So the winghing can start in earnest then, and I can hardly wait.
It's almost worth trawling through last Feb's posts and doing some 'cutting & pasting' the moans and groans will amount to the same old bag of bollox!
Who's holding thier breath till 2nd Dec then? Someone somewhere has the answers.
C'mon don't be shy spread the joy and happiness :wink:

as you can see i'm new to this! So HOW do you get the medals which are on the left of all but me?

I've heard that not enough WOtoooos made it above the quality line this year, so there maybe a shortfall!

And because of this two posts in Wallop maybe rank ranged from WOtooooooo to the BIG Badge?

Come on spill the beans, there are some very nervous people wearing a trench in the carpet here.

You know and you want to tell! you want to! Do it!

Its like piggy in the middle, one of the tooooooos tells me one thing, another tells me somthing else. just because i listen.

Just give them somthing to feed on so they will leave me alone! Please.
No nothing yet, just keeping this subject at the top of the list because it will be burning holes in the WWW come fri 02 Dec...........
3 2 1 and go........
Hey a promotion board that had some sensible results, good to see that the Corps has got it right for once. Now just have to see who is lucky enough to get a new big badge.
3 Regt and SAAvn have been selected for LE, why have they been selected for WO1, to me thats two SAAvn places wasted because they have been selected for LE. Who else thinks so?
Bye the way well done 3 Regt and (SAAvn) its not your fault its the boards for being stupi*. All the best.

* Regt AAC
I must agree with Bee 4, i thought the whole idea of these new board times was to alleviate these problems. As usual it seems that no-one bothered to tell the muppets at MCM.
So what happens now? The first 2 on the 'reserve' list? Or have these places gone to waste as aircrew are rank ranged? If thats the case then surely some one's balls should be hung out to dry :?
Are you looking at a different Signal.

Didn't look at the Aircrew list but half the Ground results are dull as dish water.

The next cracking list will be where they go. One may stay out in the cold and sneaking behind bushes, two would hardly put the fear of God into you as a trooper, but would probably put the fear of God into you as a senior. One I wouldn't put in charge of a vehicle let alone a whole Regiment. The other poor bugger has to look at who he crossed the finish line with.

Good job that there are no RSMI slots going at the moment or a couple would have an AH learning curve of 1:1 (not that they couldn't manage it but it would be a bit unfair on them). So you RSMIs out there just keep slogging on, one day you may get a replacement.

Perhaps it's not a bad idea for these future grounded pilots taking on ground posts or maybe you're looking at the board results from the RLC.
You mong grey man!

The whole list for the Corps not just one Regts name on the list.
To all those that got selected, WELL DONE.
Unfortunatly you will have to put up with some bitter and twisted people who have nothing better to do but winge!!!

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