Numb feet when running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Walt_Disney, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Got some new trainers a couple of months ago (Asics), and I've been finding that after a few K's (4-6) my feet start to get a numb/pins and needles feeling.

    Never had it before, anyone else get this?

    And anybody know:
    1. Why? (tied up too tight/bad circulation/running like a gimp)
    2. Is it a problem? (are they gonna fall off/will I die from it)
  2. I've had this. Generally after about 4 or 5km, usually means I have to cut my run a little short.

    I think it may well be to do with the shoes - mine were getting knackered, I've bought a new pair but not tried them out yet.

    If anyone knows, then I'd like to hear too!

  3. Make sure you stretch and warm up before running. Your calves may be getting tight and causing circulation problems in feet. Go to a good technical sports store where you can have your stride and skeletal positions measured for your ankles, feet etc. You might need runners that fit your gait.. Gotta try it out.
  4. If you didn't get these pin & needles and numbness when you've covered this distance before in old trainers then it certainly is the new ones that are causing the grief!
    Without sounding like too much of a geek but did you get these new trainers specifically fitted to you? If you're wearing the wrong kind of trainer it can lead to issues like this.
    What kind of Asics are they?
  5. I was had a similar problem but mine was to do with the top of the socks being to tight, when my ankles swelled slightly during running at about the 3 mile point causing the circulation to be cut down to my feet.

    Just a thought.


    PS now it happens becaus i eat to many pies :):)

  6. Whilst I agree with going to a real runners store to get assessed for correct running shoes I do have to disagree with stretching before a run.

    Do not stretch cold muscles it will only end in tears
  7. Thanks guys...

    I think you might be onto something with the shoe fit, I've got pretty odd shaped feet- really wide. But then again I've never had an issue before...

    Unfortuantely I don't have the spondoolicks to be too picky about my trainers at the mo. I can live with it for the time being!
  8. the problem would appear to be with the circulation as the foot swells as you run on it. Just don't do up your trainers too tightly. Also consider the ground being covered if it is a hard surface the foot absorbs more shock which isn't always absorbed by inadequate/knackered trainers. If you run regularly go on to asics website and you can assess what type of runner you are using an online assessment. It will then recommend the appropriate asics shoe. As an aside asics fit on the small side so this may be a problem with wider feet. Once you have found a suitable pair subject to your location by a comparable run out model from sports and soccer or from an online retailer as you will save money. If you do wear the wrong type of running trainers for your running style then you will experience increased muscle fatigue as the legs try to compensate and this can result in muscle damage later on. Unfortunately with asics trainers the more you spend the better support you tend to get as cheaper models do not have forefoot gel.
    That said whats wrong with the old silver shadows!!
  9. I'm training for the London Marathon (quick plug)

    My trainers came from the New Balance factory shop at £39
  10. Hi, The footman here.

    As my name goes I'm actually a state registered podiatrist Working full time for The N.H.S. and T.A. at weekends hence why i use the website.
    The numbness in your feet will be caused by a number of things. The most obviuos one is the fact that you are fastening the laces to tight cutting of circulation via the dorsalis pedis pulse on the top of your foot. to resolve this simply dont tie them too tight. If your trainners are too tight around the sides then this will also cut the circulation too your feet causing the pins and needles. It wont be general circulation as you would'nt be able to run at all. if your circulation was poor you would have to stop after 50 metres or so This is called intermittent claudication. you will not be sufferring this but old people do with poor circulation. at a guess it seems from yours symptoms that your trainners are simply to tight for your feet.

    (just think i worked privatley i could have charged £30 for that info)

    I will be willing to answer any questions regarding feet or footwear in the future. cheers
    the footman
  11. Also your feet wont fall off. unless you let them turn black, this will be dry gangrene and im sure you would notice this. if they do its full steam ahead to A&E.
  12. Good job your post didn`t read.........

    After I`ve been Shagging for about an Hour or so, My Nuts go all Numb - Has anyone else had this??

    That would have yielded some interesting answers!!

  13. Sounds like a fair trade-off to me!

    Cheers for all the tips:
    Tying them more loosely helps. But next time I will go to a proper shop-> they seemed fine trying them on, and the girl just stood there nodding and looking pretty... Gets me every time!
  14. Hi Footman - I was going to suggest it might be compartment syndrome and he should get his arrse over to a doc to exclude it. As you're the expert you're clearly better placed to advise though... :)
  15. I think there may be something about Asics. I just brought a pair - as did my husband - and we both get pins and needles when running. The shoes are the right size - measured my feet - but i am thinking maybe they are made for a different shaped foot.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome, as i have lost my receipt so can't take them back