NuLab Job Centres ad for Nude modelling/Adult chat lines

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Interesting take on New Labour morals - especially after Pa Broon (Son of theKirk [Captain Kirk?]) quoted scripture in the HoC.

  2. they are legal and job centers can't be arrsed to fight this in the court next thing you know veggie are complaining about butchers.
    the religion of peace is complaining about everything :roll:

    don't think they can or will sanction anyone who refuses to take one of those vacancies and the staff do tend to warn people off from dodgy firms.
    Was warned about one security firm working the doors in brighton was dodgy
  3. In light of recent news that the goverment is to make single mums return to work, i have awful visions of a plump chavette with stretch marks clad in a burberry bikini and kappa trainers clumping round a pole 8O
    Imagine the telephone sex line? ' Yo, coming at ya live bro, am licking the top of me white lightening bottle like an pretendin its ya d!ck like innit' :lol:
  4. I thought the BBC had cornered that market with that new game show Total Wipeout. Even Hammond the hamster seemed to be cringing at some of the contestants :D
  5. so, they're better off living off my fecking taxes are they?

    Proof, if it were needed that there are always jobs available for them that want to work! If they don't like it then they can go and get a fecking job at woolworths instead, but no fecker should be allowed to live on benefits when there's jobs available!

    Edited to add: actually lads, I see an opportunity here - we could set up a lapdancing training school, claiming government grants to select and train chav slappers as dancing girls...
  6. I call perverted old headmaster.
  7. The problem being that as the benefit regs currently stand, you can't turn down a job....

    So... Someone responds to a job ad for a 'call handler', discovers it's a sex line and tells the employer to stick it. Cancelled entitlement to benefits. Yeah, 'serves the chavs right', but it could as easily be your missus.
  8. Or you, they can't discriminate you know.
  9. I would end up getting the sack before lunch time if i took a job as a sex line thingy person......for falling about laughing at the blokes who call. :lol:
    That said though, i am sure that no one would be forced to take a job which they found distasteful or contrary to their beliefs?
  10. That would so make my day :lol:
  11. Where have you been hibernating?
  12. -------------------------------
    Of course not...if working is contrary to you beliefs your human rights would be violated...can't have that, same goes for being a muslim 'n' handling alcohol in supermarkets, working in a 'jihab' in a trendy hairdressers('n' being ugly to boot, 'n' I'm no oil painting) and being asked to wear 'sexy, get your 'baps' out dresses after becoming a 'cocktease...sorry cocktail bar waitress...needs must, if you have nothing to offer put out some beaver...why should my hard earned tax pound support your lack of ambition... :D :D
  13. job centre staff ain't impressed with these so called legit jobs :roll:
    They may go on the computer and that where they stay unless somebody actively goes looking for them.
    this got started by ann summers riled that the job centre turned them down
  14. BDW wrote

    Fortunately, having always had a career i have had no need to frequent a job centre :D