Nuke it!

This website allows you to nuke anywhere in the world, with WMD ranging from Little Boy to an asteroid.

Reminds me of those happy times in the NBC warning and reporting cell, with chinagraph and tables showing casualties and damge..... :D
I dropped a Dong feng-31 140kt on Staines-at least we take those Stanwell pikey scum with us...
Just did Strabane with Fat Man.
Did a 'Tsar Bomba 50MT job on Bradford. It hasn't changed.
Tried to do a 'Tsar Bomba on Liverpool. Cnuts nicked the fuse on the way down.
A joe-4 would take out bristol apprently :p
I dropped the bomb from Dr. Strangelove on Derby- felt strangely satisftying :twisted:
Dropped a Fat Boy on Norwich City Centre, clears out the whole area within the ring road. misses my nan's house by about a mile....oh well you can always hope for fall out
I reckon Russian generals sat doing this for years... This is great. I've just given my place of work a seeing to with a Fat Man.

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