Nuisance Calls

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RFUK, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone else get those phone calls where you pick up and hear just a constant beeping - like an engaged tone?

    Apparently it's a computerised system which records what times of the day you answer the phone and when you don't, so they can decide what would be the best time for a real salesperson to call.

    In the past couple of weeks, I've been getting around 5 of these phone calls a day. The novelty has worn off and they just aren't fun any more, so does anyone else get them, and if so, does anyone know how to get rid of them?
  2. Get in touch with the Telephone Preference Service and register with them. Its free and will stop these and any other 'cold callers'
  3. the number to ring for the TPS is 08450700707, or go on google and type in telephone preference service. (I think it's or something like that)
  4. When they phone, put on a Val Doonican LP and go to the pub.
  5. Thats the best idea, as soon as my registration came through I had no more of those or from an Indian guy trying to flog me a mobile phone, they are really good. When I got my new phone line it took about 3 weeks (i requested it at startup). In the mean time its also a good idea with your mobile, and caller id on landline, not to bother answering if the number has an 0870/0808 prefix as thats usuall them.

  6. Mail Preference Society also useful:

    Unless you are breeding hamsters and need the bedding.

    Charities will I think still be able to call even if you are on TPS - my missis gets bombarded with people begging for £1 or £2 on DD per month. Difficult to say no when you've supported them in the past.
  7. on another note, the TPS ONLY takes you off the list for 6 months, i personally havent had any in years but a woman who works for them told me that you need to re-register every 6months. Also the reason the phone goes down is because it's on a dialler system, basically a computer dials loads of numbers at the same time. as soon as someone answers the call is put through to an operator, but if you answer the phone the same time as someone else then the call is dropped and the line goes dead for you.

    Hope that helps :D
  8. Not according to their FAQ (for private numbers anyhow)
    16. Do I need to renew my subscription with the TPS?

    If you have registered a residential number or a number belonging to a sole trader or (except in Scotland) partnership, you do not need to renew. However, if you have registered a number on to the Corporate TPS belonging to a Limited company, Plc or other large organisation, are you required to renew annually. In this case TPS will send you an e-mail each year to notify you of this. Failure to renew will result in your number(s) being removed from the CTPS data file.

    It also states that charities are not exempt.

    I find mentioning that they are in breach of the TPS is the surefire quickest way to bring the call to an end.

    below is the Link to the TPS Homepage

    TPS Online
  9. The delights of Indian call centres. As we'd rented our house out for a couple of years whilst overseas I get a lot of call asking for the tenants.
    "Hello, can I speak to Mr. X"
    "Sorry, they don't live here any more"
    "Oh, that doesn't matter I'm ringing to say that you are entitled to a free phone/holiday/hole-in-the-head/etc....."

    So now when I hear;
    "Hello, can I speak to Mr. X"
    I say
    "Hold on, I'll just get them..."
    Put the phone on mute and speakerphone and carry on with whatever you're doing. After a few minutes you'll get "Hello?" at which point you take the phone of mute and say "Hold on, they're just coming". And repeat...

    It's surprising how long you can keep them on for.
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  10. After 6 such calls this morning between 0800 and 0830 I think I might well do that!

    I've tried calling the number back and got nothing but screeching, like a fax line. Strangely, it's a hereford number (01432 360081) that comes up if I dial 1471. I've attempted to google it but had no luck.
  11. Civvy_Shot, charities aren't exempt from the TPS. However, if you have supported them before and they have your details on their system then they are still allowed to contact you. It is not classed as cold-calling as usually when you sign up you agree to be contacted by them.
  12. Thanks for clarification. I don't mind the cancer lot too much but I am apparently sponsoring an Iguana type thingy in a zoo somewhere which came as a surprise.

    I think I'll ask them if I can skin it and turn it into a wallet when it croaks. That should put me on the 'don't contact FFS list'
  13. Call centres use something called Automated Predictive Dialling to manage outbound calls. A computer is programmed to make X number of outbound calls based on the number of operators, duration of calls and likelihood that someone will answer the telephone.

    If no one answers or the phone switches to an answer phone then the computer hangs up. (This can be a cause of annoyance if its programmed to hang -up on, say the 4th ring if it takes you 5 rings to reach the phone)

    If someone answers the telephone then it switches the call to the telesales operator who will then try to sell you something.

    If there are no telesales operators free then it can be programmed to either
    1) hang up immediately
    2) put in a call delay of a few seconds to allow time to transfer to an operator who becomes free in that time. If none before free in that time it then hangs up. Those are probably the calls with beeps you mentioned.

    The idea is to keep the telesales people as productive as possible without wasting their expensive time dialling numbers.

    It is also a corporate policy of making nuisance phone calls to consumers, summoning them from their baths, supper etc and then hanging up. Its the delinquent kids game of Knock a'door Run deployed as a sales strategy. ;)

    Oftel is supposed to regulate what proportion of abandoned outbound calls are acceptable. They can slap wrists and fine offenders the huge sum of £5000 pounds.... (if they catch them) In the US its not supposed to be more than 5% of calls.

    Here area couple of articles on the phenomena.

    I know about this bewcause I used to work for a software company that supplied retail banking systems.