NUCO First Aide At Work instructors course

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by andy2513, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. Any one had any dealings with this company or can recomend the course ?
  2. not had dealings myself but am very intrested in what they have to offer, our safety advisor has done this course and cant speak highly enough of it. he plans to retire and do assessments when he needs to for extra cash. the course he spoke of contained 4 quals first aide at work, instructors qual, assessors qual and PTLLS (Teaching in the life long learning sector) i am looking into this course as something else to offer a civie employer. how have you got on since posting this message?
  3. My mate has done it and has his own training company now. They transfer you knowledge to Civvy quals and help you get going. I have had a few chats and will be going on a course soon.
  4. Done it. Can't recommend it highly enough.
  5. guys how much did you pay for this course?
  6. I did the suite of courses back in March/April:

    First Aid at Work Instructor (which also includes First Aid at Work)
    CIEH Level 4 Health and Safety in the Workplace
    Defib Instructor

    All in it was £2182.80 with ELC covering £1746.24. I throughly enjoyed the courses, but the Health and Safety could be a bit daunting if you have never done any of it in depth before. I was lucky, I already had NEBOSH.
    I haven't put any of it in practice as I have a year left, but I do get regular assessor request for courses being run, and these pay you £75 a time. NUCO also has its own shop for your trg aids and website to register your course when you run them.
  7. I am on the course next week, with the PTTLLS part and now the defib instructor included it cost just under the £1000 mark.
  8. There is no need for a FAAW instructors course, all you need to teach it is PTLLS and a first aid cert, yes it can be of help but there are other training qualifications which are more relevant.
    Yes i do own a training company and teach first aid if asked but dont waste your money on what you dont need.
  9. Hi Andy 2513,
    I have been associated with Nuco since April 2000, and I'm now heavily involved in running the FAW Trainer/Assessors and PTLLS qualifications that you are interested in completing. If you require any further information on the open courses that Nuco Training is scheduled to run during 2012, or have any general enquiries in relation to FAW guidance or up to date training. Please do not hesitate to contact Steve Best (MD) or Darren Coombs (Training Manager) on 08456 444 999, or visit the link below:

    In relation to FAW Training in the private and public sector(s), there is clear guidance given by the HSE as to the minimum requirement. Information can be found on the HSE website and contained within the HSE's guidance on approved centres and trainers.
    PTLLS and a current FAW certificate are part of the necessary qualifications that are required to teach the 3 day FAW certificate in the workplace, I must however enlighten you to the additional skill sets to teach the full EFAW/FAW.Please see the link below and in particular refer to Appendix 6 (table of qualifications).

    Kind regards

    Bumble squat
  10. Hi Bumble squat

    are there any additional qualifications or requirements needed to teach the 16 hour element to satisfy the NGB Awards ie Mountain Leader etc. I know that NUCO offer a 12 hour activity First aid but it falls short of the NGB requirements.

    Also PTLLS doesnt seem to be recognised in Scotland unless you are working for an english based company. Are you aware of an equivalent qual?
  11. Hi Blacknasty,

    We have been facilitating the PTLLS amongst other qualifications north of the border for several years now and, I've never been made aware of any trainers having difficulty in relation to the said award. That said I will contact the office tomorrow and pose the question. If you would rather do it yourself, you will need to speak to Rodney Best (General Manager) who has all the latest guidance on Ofqual and the SQA. Please see the link below:

    First Aid Awards

    In order to teach the First Aid element of the NGB award there are no additional quals needed. The level of competence that you will achieve during the course will meet the performance criteria needed to teach First Aid.

    The First Aid qualification that is currently offered as you say is 16 GLH's, whilst the EFAW would not be suitable, the Activity FA could be extended to suit the needs of the learners. The FAW with 18 GLH's would be suitable and as such the KLP's do not defer from that of the 3 day (18 hr) FAW qualification. If you complete the Nuco Trainer/Assessor course you will be able to teach a variety of HSE/L2 courses.

    In relation to the NGB Awards. Have you looked at the course syllabus for the Activity First Aid? Are you able to share the KLP's for the NGB Award so that we could maybe work together on this. I have looked at them this evening and they do not differ from the FAW. Question is I guess....... Would NGB allow you to teach the FA syllabus using Nuco material, something I guess you would need to ask them about. Happy to help though!


    Bumble squat....
  12. Thats my course done, and if all the Nuco courses are run like mine, all I can say is, the best course I have attended in a long time. Enjoyed every part of it.
  13. Hi Ex-Minden,

    Thats exactly the kind of service and courses that you can expect from Nuco Training Limited.

    If you need any help with facilitating your courses, purchasing first aid products including training resourses, or even general/technical support. Please call the office and speak to a member of the admin staff, who will be able to help. The office number is 08456 444 999.

    All the best.

    Bumble squat......
  14. Hi bumble squat,

    im looking at doing the FAAW instructors course with defib and pttls in april, do i need any prerequisites before i go on the course, or can i just apply for a course and start it as i saw the pre course questionnaire asks for teaching quals and first aid quals or would being an NCO and Team Medic be enough to satisfy the criteria. Many thanks
  15. Having served in the MOD and been regularly assessed on First Aid/BFAT (correct term?), is sufficient for the prerequisites....
    If you contact the office on 08456 444 999 and speak to Andrew he will take all the details and inform you on what you need to do. Andrew can also be contacted on andrew