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Nuclear weapons to become illegal


As long as POTUS doesn’t waffle, those Roman candles will be in the air. An incoming counter force strike won’t look like meteors, and I will have less then thirty minutes left on this planet.
Just time to nip to the off licence (liquor store if you're a Yank)
No they won't. The US will not launch missiles in response to a mere seeming attack detected on a radar screen.

Wrong...The US will launch if multiple launches are detected on a radar screen. It's called launch on warning. There are two other scenarios where the US will launch it's nukes, I'll let you look for them yourself.

The technology to detect a launch from another country has come on a long way since the cold war.


I don’t think we are tracking, the force of an explosion will damage said missile. God forbid it gets pelted with any form of shrapnel. A wrench will KO a missile.

Here is a video of the maintainers in action and you can see inside the silo.
The missiles are fragile, but that's precisely why they have a 90-ton armoured door in the first place. It's not just to keep the rain out.