Nuclear Warheads in a Cupboard R Us?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. Politicians eh?
  2. Pretty much entirely defeats the purpose of having SLBMs.
  3. So ships would be fitted for but not equipped with missiles, escorted by carriers fitted for but not equipped with airyplanes and frigates fitted for but not equipped with ASW weapons. You know it makes sense.
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  4. You are quite correct 3123, this topic come up as regularly as the Lib Dem conference...
  5. And interestingly Nick Clegg withdrew the (LibDem) minister responsible for the Successor decision from the MoD - you might think he's about to play the 'nothing to do with me guv' card when further CASD is recommended.
  6. Sir Menzies Campbell - much underrated - actually changed LD policy to be pro-trident. To my knowledge there has not actually been a motion at conference since changing the policy back to unilateralist.

    ****ing pointless locking nukes in a cupboard, you may as well abolish the whole thing.
  8. That is the popular theory. My (less popular) theory is that the Israelis do not have a nuclear weapon.

    Personally I am in favour of abolishing all nuclear weapons except second-strike, ideally CASD. However if you're not going to invest in that don't bother. You lose all strategic advantage if (even in theory) your arsenal can be wiped out before you've even assembled it, let alone gotten it on a sub and out to (below) sea. CASD or don't bother.
  9. Typical dumb f**kwit student level thinking
  10. I agree with your second paragraph in it's entirety; however, CASD doesn't have to be delivered via the SLBM-option - cruise missiles might prove to be a cost-effective and realistic alternative. I thought that the French were considering this option too, given that they have to modernise their conventional armed forces in a similar timeframe and are findign the Force De Frappe ruinously expensive.
  11. ...and to be honest, SLCM does not really qualify as CASD IMHO...

    Too low, too slow to be a viable sole second strike capablity.. It's just a drone FFS - you could bring one down with a couple of barrels of #6 shot from your Granpa's Purdey..!

    Also using a hunter-killer boat in a strat role could lead to all sorts of unintended misunderstandings...!

    Bombers work - leave them alone..

    Edited to add.. Interesting theory about the Oy Vey deterrent capablity.. one wonders how their stocks of 3H are doing these days..?
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  12. Yes thanks.

    Embarassed to say I don't follow French military developments as closely as I ought.

    Yes could send out the wrong message!
  13. At the same time, loading the warheads from their secure store and transporting them to the Naval base, as the boats themselves are recalled to the base to be armed take the boats away from whatever task they're engaged in, which may be very important, sends all the wrong signals at a time of world tension.

    Brillant plan...........
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  14. Cruise missiles would mean the nuclear detergent would be downgraded from a strategic, annoy us and we flatten a city in 20 minutes time capability, to a tactical, at some point in the future limited counterstrike capability against annoying sub-strategic nation states like Pakistan/Iran.

    Not so much guarded by a pack of Rottweilers, as a Staffie called Tyson.