Nuclear Testing

There was also a large nuclear and other weapons testing concern in Maralinga, Australia in the 50's and 60's - My father (ex RN) was there and spent time with a load of Sappers helping to carry out explosives testing there.
Seems a bit harsh that there is no sort of compensation or even acknowldgement on the MOD's behalf. Outrage bus?
davyskuller said:

Had a look and couldn't see if this had been done so apologies in advance if it has :oops: ! Stumbled accross this story and thought it may be worthy of discussion amongst the many fine(and not so fine) intellects on ARRSE!!
Obviously I can sympathise with anyone who has an illness related to nuclear testing but I can also understand MODs point of view;

A lot of these guys (and in some cases their off-spring) are going down with things that people who have never been involved in testing are going down with.

Links between nuclear testing and premature deaths and cancer among veterans have been contested for years.

The National Radiological Protection Board, now amalgamated into the Health Protection Agency (HPA), has been conducting a study of nuclear test veterans since the 1980s.

It compares cancer and mortality rates among servicemen involved in nuclear testing with rates among a control group of servicemen without any nuclear test links.

Dr Colin Muirhead, the HPA's head of epidemiology in the radiation protection section, says his findings showed similar levels of mortality and cancer in both groups.

However, there is "some indication of a raised risk of leukaemia" among those who had worked with nuclear tests, he says.
A difficult one for MOD

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