Nuclear test veterans given leave to appeal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldAdam, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. Just saw this on the BBC News channel and the link below:-


    But this is my take:-

    WTF is up with the legal side of MoD?

    “No direct causal link…”
    So what was that ****ing great fireball, rising up, spitting high energy particles for the best part of a minute, if not a causal link?

    I’ve just finished a course of radiology to treat a tumour in my neck; five days a week for twenty-five days (weekends off). It is a very slow careful treatment because the site of the tumour is close to the brain-stem. Hopefully it is going to work and the little bugger well shrink and stop bothering me for a while.

    The temporary side effects are that I feel like shit – weak, permanently tired, stomach trouble due to steroids, taken to off-set the swelling of tumour tissue, and severe balance problems.
    And this is a benign regime - something I asked for and it will come to an end…

    These veterans didn’t ask for their ‘radiation treatment’ - it wasn’t benign - it was reckless endangerment and it will go on until they die.
    Their experience of the side effects have been going on for decades, causing depression, severe illness, many cancers - leading to death, and suicides

    It is time that the Government recognised that this is another ‘Ghurka’ moment, perhaps without the romantic attraction of tough, loyal tribesmen, instead with ordinary National Servicemen, unspectacular and easier to ignore, but whose lives were placed in the deadliest peril at the behest of their country.

    If the Government wishes to extract any scintilla of credit from this sorry episode they should immediately reverse their policy and set up compensation without question; no time constraints, covering widows and affected descendants (independently assessed)

    Mr Cameron, just do it! Take it on the chin, like a man, and you’ll have my vote every time
  2. ~They'd rather spend hundred of thousands on RSI injuries and boob reduction jobs for poor little miss soldier. I am dubious about claimants involving Porton Down because anyone who was thick enough to volunteer and believed they were just being subjected to the common cold virus deserves nothing. In the case of those that were present at the Atomic test site in 1958 and who had no choice, then as said by old Adam, this should be sorted soonest. Thankfully I was in the Med Fleet and not the Far East at the time.
  3. You make a powerful case. "No causal link" is lawyer speak for "Veterans are being shafted". I would bet you that "No causal link" is not the belief of researchers who probably secretly monitor your (and your offspring's) NHS records. Best wishes and thank you for serving our country. A country whose government betrayed you.
  4. That's hardly fair. If your superiors tell you that you're only being subjected to the common cold and you believe them I don't think that makes you "thick". At least one person dropped dead on the spot as soon as the "common cold" liquid solution made contact with their skin. Have you read the testimony of the vets who were experimented on at Porton Down? People who did not corroborate testimony say the same thing over and over again. None of them struck me as "thick".
  5. It's a bit ****ing late considering that the vast majority of these veterans are now dead!

    To the government ...... Your all underhanded bastards who will now undoubtedly be haunted from the grave by these veterans who you deliberately used and abused.

    Bet there using the same strategy on "Gulf War illness" vets too !!
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  6. Bit late for the old man…*died from massive cancer in 1995.

    Referred by his GP, Cancer doc was a bit baffled, said it was like the textbook cases he'd read about from nuclear bomb survivors, never seen anything like it though in real life. Then the old man told him he'd been at Christmas Island.

    MOD were as much use as tits on a bull, no information or medical notes released. He was IIRC, the last of his group to die - but 'no link' between watching big fuckloff nuke dets and in one case getting covered in fallout and ending up getting riddled with cancers said the MOD.

    And as for blokes who volunteered for a week or two at Porton Down for 'Common Cold' research?

    Bit harsh to say they were 'thick'. It was seen by pretty much everyone as a nice jolly that paid you some extra beer tokens for goofing off in the warm with good food, all for the 'public good'.
  7. Re Porton. They volunteered for advantage, that is the difference. Thick may have been a bit strong, gullable is more appropriate and in no way comperable with those that suffered form the radiation from the Nuc tests.
  8. It was known perfectly well what a Atomic weapon could do when unleashed on people when two were used for real on Japan in 1945, what more ****ing proof did they need?

    So yes, it was indeed reckless endangerment to say the least by deliberately exposing thousands of our troops dressed in little more than shorts and shirts for protection.

    Hiding behind Crown immunity from prosecution is NO excuse to deliberately endanger peoples life.

    Did they think that Nuclear weapons had a different effect on the white man or something?

    Porton down was no different to Dr. Josef Mengele's line of business, the nazi's duped their victims by bullshit showers, Britain duped its victims by bullshit common cold remedies, what's the difference?? They both killed people!

    This murdering experimental practise must be made illegal instantly.

    I find the British government guilty of manslaughter in my opinion, why should this not be the case?

    If it is found that these ill Gulf vets were lied to after the cocktail of drugs they were forced to take, i think all hell will break loose.
  9. Quite so,
    The fact that these men volunteered, and therefore had less of a case, fuelled the myth among the litigants. that it was under the guise of common cold research. A good number of non-litigants recall that they were never given the impression that it was anything other than research into chemical warfare. In fact one serviceman who was on the same trials as LAC Maddison (the airman who died) gave evidence that "he was aware of exactly what he was doing and that it had nothing to do with the common cold. He signed the consent form and went through with the trial"

    There was a common misconception among the public that the Common Cold Research Centre and Porton Down were one and the same place, simply because they were both in the vicinity of Salisbury. But while the Common Cold Research Centre accepted servicemen as well as civvies (the majority), the conditions of volunteering were quite different. The CCRE was viewed as a paid holiday to be taken as priv leave, whereas Porton was attended on duty, is one example.

    To claim that they were somehow deliberately lied to in undergoing these tests, obviously helped with the compensation claim and good luck to them; but the common cold research story is a fiction and it's unfortunate that it's now passed into mythology.
  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    When the war was over and it came out how Germany and Japan had used people for 'medical' experiments and weapons testing everyone was, and still are utterly disgusted. But for our own government to do just that with servicemen - in the atomic case trading on what was then our ignorance, and at Porton by lying - was absolutely execrable, and made worse by the stonewalling on the subject that has gone on ever since, compunded by the cynicism of MoD CS who are hoping the complainants will all die before MoD is pushed into a half-century overdue settlement, and whose contempt for the 'uniformed branch' is thereby writ large. Minister after minister has been complicit in this and I cannot see how continuing is compliant with Dr Fox's Hippocratic oath.

    There but for .. thank goodness my own involvement in the Monte Bello test was well upwind.
  11. In my case I applied for a war disablement pension 29 years after leaving Army and refused consent for disclosure to MOD of my NHS medical notes. I was awarded a WDP within two weeks during which the MOD doctor visit occurred. This doctor was fully briefed on my NHS records anyway. The outcome was that he reported that most of my damage was due to wrong NHS treatment and MOD accepted 20% so I cop about £30 a week. From the little I could glean other members of my unit developed similar symptoms and also got WDP but I may be the last survivor. We were an ordinary unit. There had been a mutiny on return to UK by some blokes who thought they were being experimented on during an arctic exercise. Others thought they had got a conspiracy theory in their heads and worked it into mass hysteria. IE We did not believe them. But as far as I know the lung symptoms effected blokes who were on the exercise and some of us who received the crated equipment from that exercise. I sometimes feel a little ashamed that I did nothing brave to get my WDP. I had earlier on the night of the mutineers return gone hand to hand with two intruders on camp who I thought were IRA and with a duty driver we detained them. Only for the officer to find they were SIB awaiting the return of the mutineers. Why hadn't they reported to duty NCO then ? Why trespass into the buildings ? Absolutely nothing was done about the mutiny it was covered up. Whenever the unit after that was subject to inspection the mutineers were sent home on leave. 29 years later I signed a form saying I would never sue MOD and bingo my pension was awarded the next week.
  12. I should add that I had a solicitor apply for disclsoure of my NHS notes so was aware 21 years of medical notes were missing. Making it all the more intriguing that a visiting doctor for MOD seemed to know what was in notes that apparently were not available for NHS to disclose. Still pragmatism £30 a week is better than nothing.
  13. My neighbour is 70 last Survivior of his ship
    loads of them died of cancer.
  14. See how devious these MOD bastards are?

    They know full well the wrongs they have done in the past and even today they STILL try to escape justice.
  15. ****ing hell fellas, i just stumbled across this thread, RIP to the blokes who passed.
    i honestly hope the cutns in charge will suffer on the other side.
    out of all thats on here this has been the best one so far, honestly all the best to you lot and keep it up.
    never let the ***** win