Nuclear Plant Nepotism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bonzo_Dog, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. According to the Beeb, eleven possible sites for new nuclear power stations have been unveiled.


    Dizzy has a slightly differnt angle on who has been given initial approval on building and operating these new facilities:

    Can't say I'm at all surprised. Nepotism - alive and well and an integral policy of the New Labour project.
  2. Existing nuclear sites can be built on much more easily than "greenfield" sites for so many reasons from NIMBY councils to multi-year protests throughout the building. Existing sites are already secured and will be much easier to "sell" to the local areas.
  3. Agreed (I am not anti-nuclear, far from it) but you missed the point completely didn't you?
  4. Is it possible that these are the only companies capable of building/running nuclear plants? If it was one company employing them and and it had 90% of the sites, I'd worry, but not many companies are capable of this kind of work.
  5. Good old socialism at work,here,keep it in the famliy the tried and trusted way of Labour.

    No doubt for a number of political contributions,Labour friendly construction companies will be lined-up for contracts.

    I see Mandleson getting in on this and receiving a few bungs.That big mortgage in London has to be payed from somewhere.
  6. No, I didn't miss the nepotism point but where else would the power plants be built and who else would do them but for the companies mentioned? It's a fairly small market and odds are EDF will get the lion's share anyway regardless of the nepotism claims.
  7. Yes they do like to keep it all to themselves dont they, who would have thought it hey?

    But anyway, just build on all 11 sites, no problems then.
  8. You may well be right but I just find it uncomfortable that all the companies that have been awarded the contracts have direct links to senior members of the current Government.
  9. Where is EDF getting the money from to buy British Energy? From RBS, who are still in business courtesy of the UK taxpayer, but prefer loaning money to foreign companies instead of British ones.
  10. I agree. I think that things like this should also go on the public register of MPs' interests. For example, if Broon's brother is dealing with the government and there may be a conflict of interest then that should be stated.
  11. I think the arguement should be turned on it's head. The problem isn't that the only companies selected are ones that have links to senior government personnel, it's that those individuals are able to take up senior consulting positions or directorships. There are actually damn few companies that could finance the build and operation of nuclear power stations.

    Once again it's highlighting the snouts in the trough lifestyle of the individuals concerned.
  12. exactly.
    consultants etc not really needed. :x
    its obvious new nuke plants would go next to old one for lots of obvious reasons
  13. hahaha, former head of Greenpeace and now building nuke plants, I wonder if he is still on the christmas (or should that be be winter festival) card (recycled enemies of mother Earth of course) list..... :lol: