Nuclear Egypt?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 5, 2007.

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  2. Dubya (as santa): what do you want for xmas?
    Mubarak: can i have some nuclear weapons?
    Dubya: have you been good?
    Mubarak: yes santa , not like saddam!
    Dubya: good, now this is how you join the club...

  3. I was always told that the Israelis built their Dimona nuclear facility so that, in the event of an accident, any nasties would blow downwind to Egypt. Would the Egyptians reciprocate with their choice of site for El Aldermaston?
  4. Ya lets give nuclear weapons to every nation that wants them. Lets play thermonuclear war, shall we Doctor ?
  5. So who gets your vote as the mad scientist (alias Doctor)? :?

  6. How else do we justify a new trident? we give everyone nukes because its not as if some lunatic would believe that vaporising the unbeliever would result in eternal paradise is it? :omfg:
  7. Amazing how some countries regard Israel as the spawn of the devil, but tolerate Israeli nuclear weapons, while not being prepared to tolerate one of their fellow Israel haters obtaining nucs.

    It would be really funny, except for the possible consequences.
  8. Israel doesn,t have nukes. America has nukes prepositioned in Israel.

    An old professor of mine said this: It is impossible to have a nuclear weapon making program without people geting a whiff of it. Especially in a tiny country like Israel.

    If Israel had tested a bomb, the world would have known and there would be no need for this long denial they have maintained for so long.

    How to get around this problem? Bluff everyone into thinking you have a bomb. But knowing Israel, I doubt they would take the chance of bluffing.

    So why not have the US ship assembled nukes and delivery vehicles (long range missiles or bombers) directly to the customer? Would make more sense than the US footing the bill for a groundsup program.

    In short, Israel has nukes on loan from the US.
  9. Israel does have nukes devil_dog and they arent US made.
  10. LankyPullThrough - At the time of establishment, Dimona was an out of the way place in the relatively unpopulated (desert) southern part of the country. I like the bit about downwind though, any specific source? The Egyptians have plenty of real estate for their proposed site.

    DD - As far as testing goes, including nukes, there is mutual co-operation between nations in these fields of development. It does not need to be tested in country but with a willing partner with the real estate. Perhaps Vanunu can provide the world with more info??
  11. Merk
    Retired or Retarded ?
    I agree with one of them.
  12. Arik said

    Isn't this a blatant violation of non proliferation treaties?
  13. or, if you're French, one of your more remote colonies once all the hapless locals have been shipped off

    "mais, c'est territoire francais monsieur"

    oh, and why not blow up a shipful of protestors while you're about it?
    (yes, Segolene we all know it was your brother...)


    off-topic but can't help it
  14. The NPT came into force in 1970 - when in the 1960s did Israel become nuclear?