Nuclear chicken

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jockass, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Have they started letting women drivers on submarines?
  2. Seems like the froggy military procurement is about as effective as ours for getting good kit then :roll:
  3. "The sonar dome should have detected the Vanguard but Le Triomphant's crew of 101 claimed to have "neither saw nor heard anything".

    So we are doing Stealth ?
  4. ooooooo.

    one drives on the left.

    other drives on the right.

    accident waiting to happen.

    and of course radio messages in english to a french speaking bunch of surrender monkeys.

    plus radio messages in french to an english speaking ship sailing under the british navy white ensign.

    beginning to show that the navy are so short of even half decent officers "anything will do".

    sonar operative listening to his eyepod.

    guy on the steering wheel busy looking at his holiday brochures for his next 6 week payd holiday.

    need i go on?
  5. I blame it on defence cuts, contracting out the window cleaning was a bad idea.
  6. Perhaps they had their iPods up too loud and didnt hear the "Ping!" from the sonar?
  7. Do you think they stopped and exchanged names, addresses and insurance details?

  8. I am pretty sure the navy don't fly the ensign from their subs while underwater...
  9. Well if they did not "see" us, shows the submarine does what it is meant to do and not be found. Concerning we did not "see" them, but then may be this is an insurance job to get the new ones earlier.

    Radar Op: "Cpt'n, French Sub to our front"

    Capt: "XO, please check the insurance policy, but if we hit it, can we claim they braked suddenly and so get a nice new toy ...."
  10. Career stops!!
  11. Funny as nobody is asking the only right question: as the French sub was going back to her port, what was an RN sub doing shadowing her ? Cold War antics ? Looking for a story to tell in the Mess ?

    Hunting boomers with boomers is not they way it is supposed to go. Plus the waters used by nuke subs are deconflicted at a very high level by those countries that need to know. Somebody must have fvcked up big time or completely ignored orders for that to happen.
  12. Spoilsport.

    And anyhoo, are you sure?
  13. You break it, you buy it! :twisted:
  14. I am not sure about anything anymore these days [sigh]

    Does look like we won though, so thats good news at least. Glasgow kiss with a sub. Classy.