Nuclear Bunker in Wiltshire

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Run_Charlie!, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Must be near to
    CAD Corsham
    (Central Ammunition Depot)
    Sub Depot 3 Monkton Farleigh

    Had the pleasure of a guided tour back in 84 just after it was opened by a
    group of local enthusiasts.

    Closed soon afterwards I understand

    Not pristine by any means but a fascinating 4 hours.
  2. Had a tour around there in '84 when I was serving across the road in Basil Hill Barracks. Entrance (or at least one of them) was on the RAF Rudloe Manor site (a base right next door to the infamous Flaming Joes nightclub). Found the whole thing fascinating.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Now known as Site3, has used the names, Burlington, Subterfuge and Turnstile amongst others I think.
    I've been in and it is massive, there are several hundred acres of underground space at Corsham.
    Originally stone quarries, the complex consists of several different areas,
    Tunnel Quarry was a CAD with its own connection to the main railway line
    The RAF had a Sector Control down there.
    Spring Quarry was turned into a shadow factory for Bristol Aircraft (engines) Parnell Turret's and BSA barrel mill.
    Post war a large chunk of Spring Quarry was refurbished as a bunker to accomadate around 4000members of government. The original 1950's canteens still exist although in latter years the inhabitants were to be fed with ration packs. The original jack plug type telephone exchange still exists too and as well as the more recent replacements.
    The scale of the place is almost impossible to imagine, small electric trucks are used to get about down there.
    Access these days is by lift but the original factory conversion used escalators liberated from London Transoprt, they are still there too.
    The original powerhouse is still there too although no longer working, it used 4 huge Mirrlees loco engines to power the generators.
    The huge amount of space down there fortunately means that a lot of the older stuff remains as almost a time warp to what was once intended, new equipment was simply installed in vacant space rather than the old riped out.

    Tunnel Quarry formed part of Corsham CAD, there were several other underground quarries used for the same purpose in the area including Monkton Farliegh, Ridge Quarry and a few others. Some of these are still in use as document storage and one is a bonded wharehouse for alcohol.
    CAD Corsham was a very succesful endeavor and worked very effectively for most of the war, Spring Quaryy shadow factory on the other hand was a hugely expensive white elephant and never really justified the massive expense involved.
  5. Are tours still possible?
  6. Sometimes you just need to follow the roadsigns.
  7. No
    Considerable re-devlopment work is underway at Corsham, in addition the whole underground complex has huge asbestos issues. H&S currently prevents any visits and will do for the foreseeable future as I understand it.
    Spring Quarry is now de-classified and has been for several years but you have to enter through surface areas which are restricted. Visits were never really something that could be easily organised.

    A lot of pictures and information available here-
  8. Yup.....get yourself down to Brize for some cheap flight to Iraqistan :)
  9. Love that website :lol: the guy that runs it is a real grade One anorak. I'm surprised he hasn't put Corsham down as Britain's answer to area 51 :lol:
  10. There's quite a large complex at Whitehall too. Been in it. Wouldn't want to live there though.
  11. Ahh the one that claimed that was the Truthseekers website I think.
    Would have to rummage about a bit but there was a bloke who was convinced that Spring Quarry was used to house all the captured UFO's and assorted pieces. He never explained how he thought you would get a flying saucer down a lift or a slope shaft.
  12. Wasn't that that the same bloke who claimed Abbeywood was a missile launching site because of the 'Circular' holes drilled when the site was built? The same circular holes that were filled with the concrete building supports for the foundations! :roll:
  13. lads, can I remind you about opsec - we wouldn't want to give away any info about the strategic steam reserve ;)