Nucking Futter: Bloke with 86 wives!


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And 170+ kids!

The wives the BBC spoke to say they met Mr Bello Abubakar when they went to him to seek help for various illnesses, which they say he cured.

"As soon as I met him the headache was gone," says Sharifat Bello Abubakar, who was 25 at the time and Mr Bello Abubakar 74.

"God told me it was time to be his wife. Praise be to God I am his wife now."
So even though he gets a ridiculous choice of blart when he gets the horn, he can still cure headaches when any try backing out!
Ganiat Mohammed Bello has been married to the man everyone calls "Baba" for 20 years.

When she was in secondary school her mother took her for a consultation with Mr Bello Abubakar and he proposed afterwards.

"I said I couldn't marry an older man, but he said it was directly an order from God," she says.
well thats alright then.
edited to add

Mr Bello Abubakar and his wives do not work and he has no visible means of supporting such a large family.

Many of the wives live three to a room, some have seven children

He refuses to say how he makes enough money to pay for the huge cost of feeding and clothing so many people.
He lives in with 86 'wives', sounds like an incredibly large knocking shop.
I find one woman trying enough.....imagine the ear-bashing from 86!
If they all go on the blob at the same time.....


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That really would be a red-running river :x
bensonby said:
I find one woman trying enough.....imagine the ear-bashing from 86!
No, it's not a bad idea.
With one you have constant ear-bashing, with two it is stereo, with three then they have to argue amongst themselves for access to ears, with four then they are so busy competing for your ears and attention that you can relax. If one nags you a lot you pay attention to the sweet one, then they learn fast.

I'm off down to the mosque............
170 kids, child benefit of £18.80 for first one, then £12.55 for each following one, equals £2,139.75 a week, plus rent free estate all of his own courtesy of the local council, tax credits and the cash earnings from putting a small army of those wives surplus to immediate requirements out to work at nights, I suppose this bloke will be landing at Heathrow any day now.
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