Nuala OLoan slated over 6 figure payout.

Another waste of taxpayers money....

Under fire

Alan Murray
30 April 2006

THE Police Ombudsman has shelled out a six-figure sum in compensation to a sacked investigator after an Industrial Tribunal slated her internal disciplinary procedures.

Tribunal chairman Neil Drennan QC criticised every stage of Nuala O'Loan's investigation into an allegation of gross misconduct brought by a female cop against Stephen Bailie - one of Mrs O'Loan's staff.
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spike7451 said:
"The outcome and comments of the tribunal in this particular case are respected and will be given close attention."
Yeah, right. Nuala O'Fenian and her quango are at the heart of the government's appeasement policy and amongst Hain's chosen people - nothing significant will be done.
This smells but then so does Nuala.

Still they kept in down to six figures.

In 1977 Nuala O'Loan survived a bomb attack - an experience that would stand her in good stead for her career as Northern Ireland's police ombudsman.

If that's all the qualifications you need then there's plenty more suitable people to take the job.

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