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Nu Liarbour Sleaze cant get much lower than this

I think a criminal investigation into the charity may be required for the misproper use of public funds.

This "charity" runs after school clubs for kids. Convenient for those who created the charity, carrying out one of the political aims of the Liarbour party. Wonder how much the trustees get salaried?

What goads me is that they had to take this to the charity commission to get a ruling before the thieving gits in Zanu Liar Bore party will give it back.
The Labour Party is supposed to be a one-term government to give the 'conservative' natured British a well-earned break from the official Conservative Party. On occasion of a poor Tory administration, the socialists can expect to enjoy a two term tenure, but NEVER in our parliamentary history have we permitted Labour to rule for three consecutive terms, until 2005 when the British public were fooled by Messrs Blair and Brown.

Although less than obvious at the moment, this administration has been the most corosive and damaging in recent history, both economically and socially.

New Labour were certainly never destined to win a fourth term, despite the freak landslides in recent years, but until very recently as a result of the exposure of financial incompetence thanks to the credit crunch, it really was looking as though the Tories were out for longer than ever imagined. Thankfully the forthcoming recessive quarters we all face will further expose the lamentable management of the economy by the Labour Party over the past 11 years.
bobthedog said:
Is this really how low politics in this country has become.
Err .... no.

The government bills service charities to use government property. IIRC they recently took £10k off BLESMA for an event they held at Sandhurst.

Meanwhile, ARRSE's favourite former chancellor set up a 'charity' called The Smith Institute way back when he still thought becoming PM would be a good idea. It's 'charitable', non-political activities included:-

Giving Ed Balls a job and paying hin £10 grand per month while he was waiting for a safe Labour seat to become available.

Employing a highly paid, American campaign manager when Gordon was campaigning for Tony Blair's job.

Best of all, The Smith Institute held over 200 events at No 11 Downing Street. Guess how much they paid for this privilege?
armchair_jihad said:
Nu Liarbour Sleaze cant get much lower than this

Oh yes it can!

Just wait until the next Govt start looking at the books
I suspect that the books will be one of the most creative pieces of fantasy writing since JR Tolkien thought scary bedtimes stories...And believe me it will scare us once the full details are unfolded. I fear as i have said before this will make the 70's look like a nice afternoon in margate.

Sleaze what is it about the Palace of Westminster that brings seemingly so many of tawdry and the dishonest so too the fore, regardless of which side of the house they sit.

But i must say that Blair and Brown have made the disgrace of Majors time in office seem almost angelic by comparision...

edited to add this makes good reading !!!


Sadly I think not - can you imagine Harman wanting to take money from those wrestlers?

She would prefer it to come out of kids pocket money or charities.
armchair_jihad said:
Nu Liarbour Sleaze cant get much lower than this

Oh yes it can!

Just wait until the next Govt start looking at the books
I doubt the Tories will find any evidence at all. The sound of shredders working at full throttle prior to the next election (make it soon please) will be overwhelming. :x

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